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Spring is in the Air…


Spring means different things to all of us. Some may pull out the cleaning supplies to get the house dusted off after a long winter. I feel I have been doing this continually… we started several home upgrades last December. Painting the main living area was first on the agenda. Then came the dry wall project for both bedrooms. The guestroom is done, the master bedroom is now clad in vapor barrier waiting for the drywall delivery next Wednesday. Maybe by next weekend I am able to wield the paintbrush once more instead of looking for Easter eggs. I can’t wait to get this update completed.

We also decided to get a new furnace… it seems that when you own a house the work never stops. However, once these jobs are done we can sit back for a while as everything we had planned to upgrade when we bought the house nearly nine years ago has been completed. We built the studio from scratch and I can hardly believe that I have been occupying the space for eight years.

Spring for others often means a mental check in. Personally I find it is a good time to evaluate my eating habits, the state of my exercise routine and last but not least my creative endeavors. While I have taken up my daily walks since I returned from Virginia I am not doing so well on the healthy eating front… I know I will get better again. Once the house is back in order and we don’t live out of suitcases and various boxes (the master bedroom closet is undergoing a reconfiguration) I will concentrate on healthier food choices.

Meanwhile I am back in the studio. Just this week I completed the fifth piece in my “White Kantha” series. I am contemplating a mixed media piece that incorporates burlap, acrylic paint and hand stitching… but it is still very much in the planning stages. The third issue of “Happinez” magazine has arrived, and I am looking for a quiet block of time where I can just loose myself in the imagery and writing. It is like taking a mini vacation when I delve into the magazine.

With that I will sign off for today and wish everyone a great weekend! Enjoy the sun and look for crocus in the fields and gardens…

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2 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air…

  1. Spring in Penticton brings budding Magnolias, Violets in the lawn, siding being replaced on the house, to name a few. Have a fun Easter weekend doing what you feel like doing!


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