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The Daily Walk, Nature Observations and Ideas…

IMG_7435When meaningful words are not coming to mind, get your jacket and walk. That is the advice to myself that I followed this morning. The WordPress Daily Prompt read “Provide Meaningful Content”. Talk about exerting pressure … a sure way for my mind to go blank.

It didn’t take long for my mind to fill with ideas, thoughts, and starting points once I started on my brisk walk. The lake is still frozen but it won’t belong now… There was no icy wind today, the sun was shining and the birds chirping announcing spring. I decided to look for new growth, but it wasn’t as easy as I anticipated.

IMG_7434I found a bit of green moss on this gnarled tree along the road. It isn’t showing in the image… but a little further on I discovered a small cluster of grass!


That makes me remember that the ice on the lake will soon be gone and the warmer and sunny days are here to stay. I love spring! The way nature bursts forth with color and life, bird song in the air and the hive of activity all around is catching.

Spring tends to be my most productive time! I have much to accomplish this year with minor home renovations still waiting to be completed, new inspiration waiting to be translated into fabric in the studio and ongoing projects to be finished before we turn our attention to travel east.

Back to meaningful content: I blog to stay motivated and fresh. I know that over the years much of my content has been meaningful. The blog statistics show how many people access my free tutorials and other resources on a daily basis. I see my blog as an open journal where I share insights, ideas and exciting finds I come across along the way. It is important to me to share how I approach ideas, where I start and also that I am not always able to push through a problem as quickly as I anticipated at the onset. After all, we are all human…

My question to you today: What makes for meaningful content? What would you like to see more of? See less of? I am always open for suggestions and input! Leave your comment below! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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9 thoughts on “The Daily Walk, Nature Observations and Ideas…

  1. Helene on said:

    Thanks for your candid thoughts on blogging – what it means for you. I’ve been thinking about blogging for quite sometime now, but have been a bit shy about where to start. You put it so succinctly for me. Your approach makes sense to me. My daughter tells me that, for her, blogging helps her arrange her thoughts about her art practice and helps her be more focused. When she has to articulate what she’s trying to do, it somehow becomes more real. Does that make sense?

    I wish I could suggest how to improve your blog, but I’m afraid, like the others, I love it the way it is. I get so much out of reading you and peaking into your mind. I feel guilty sometimes for taking so much from you.

    I will tell you though that the parts I get the most out of is watching your very personal creative process at work. (And your perseverance! Wow! I’m sooo glad you didn’t toss that last quilt aside!) Somehow understanding your ups and downs, your daily routine etc legitimizes what I do and then I don’t feel like I’m wasting time, or being indulgent.I begin to understand that the whole process is necessary and exciting.! You continue to be my biggest mentor. Simply by exposing your artistic mind. You such are a natural, gifted teacher. Just keep talking to us, Anna. We learn.


    • Helene, it is always good to hear from you and read your feedback and input.
      Yes, your daughter’s experience with organizing thoughts while blogging is definitely valid. That is one way to focus. I always worry about not being focused enough when blogging. I am aware of the diverse audience I have and try hard to make it a site readers will return to. Although I feel I am shifting somewhat. Blogging has helped me to work through and achieve a variety of goals over the years.
      When I fist started out someone shared with me that to just start is the only way to go – as with anything, one gets better at “it” with a routine and practice. I suppose that was true with blogging for me. I was awkward at first, not sure what to share and write about. This changed as I posted on a regular basis. Now blogging has become an integral part of my art practice. Even if I don’t produce art every day I am still thinking about it and pushing myself forward in completing various pieces as I have written about it openly on the blog. Keeps me striving for more and my readers are sure to weigh in with feedback. It has helped while living remotely and it is now part of my regular routine.


  2. Hi Anna, I love your blog just the way it is! It is informative, entertaining and often makes me see things in a different way. For that I am grateful.


  3. George and Anara Thomas on said:

    Hi Anna: I too love your blog reports, inspiration ideas and just sharing your art with others. I love how you challenge yourself and process ideas through your work. I greatly appreciate your book reviews. I try to follow through with those. I do hope you will pass through Bellingham, WA again. You presented at Evergreen Quilters where I first saw you and signed up immediately for your newsletters and blogs. Thanks so much for sharing your art, teaching and some of your resources.
    Anara Thomas, Bellingham, WA


    • Anara, how wonderful to hear from you. I do remember meeting during/after my talk in 2009. It seems so many years ago. I will be in the area in September. I will present to a fiber arts/quilting group in Mount Vernon on September 17 but plan to be in the area for a bit. Maybe we can connect in person. Email me privately and we can start planning.


  4. Hi Anna, I think your blog is just great,,,,,,you don’t have to change a thing. I hope you had fun in Hampton, Va. last month (February, Mancuso Show). I didn’t take any classes, but I did see the quilts, and of course, bought some fabric and 2 awesome books. Enjoy your spring,,,,,,we have it going on in Virginia Beach, with the Dogwoods blooming and leafing out trees. I too enjoy this time of year, as well as Fall,,,,,Summer here is a “bear” heat-wise, and this winter,,,,,,was a “snap”. I also love walking outdoors. I’m 10 minutes from the Chesapeake Bay, and the beach there is really lovely. I also walk around my neighborhood as much as possible. Nothing like “clearing the head” with exercise, plus I swim quarter miles as much as possible at the YMCA. Thanks for letting my share,,,,,Lynne Sward


    • Hi Lynne and thanks for weighing in. Yes, I had a good time at the Mid-Atlantic Show in February. But with a busy schedule of teaching and judging it is not quite the same as attending to check out vendors and the quilt show with all its amazing entries. You live in an amazing area with so many options to enjoy nature and stay fit! With my plan to slow down with teaching and traveling I look forward to a more active lifestyle to stay fit and “keep the head clear” as you say. 😉


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