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On Writing and Other Inspiration…

IMG_7438…or, never say never! Who would have thought that I am marking a mile stone, this is blog post # 601 on Thank you so much for your loyal following! I especially appreciate the comments left after my last blog entry. I am touched by the encouragement and support! Life moves on…

Yesterday morning an invitation from a close friend to participate in an internet poem exchange arrived. I had to think about this for a while but in the end decided not to participate. 30 days of poems, yes that sounds like a fabulously inspiring project. If life looked a little more settled here (at home) I would have jumped at the opportunity. However, I was already contemplating a challenge of my own.

Did you know, April is National Letter Writing month? It is a movement that originated in Portland, OR and was started by EggPress three years ago- here is a link to their site and a short video that might just inspire you to write more… Here is the link to Soul Paper’s blog post announcing their promotion of this month long event. (Feel free to Google “National Letter Writing Month” – there is a lot of info on the internet that might serve as inspiration!)

I heard about National Letter Writing Month while visiting the Soul Paper last week but put the challenge out of my mind immediately. But, you know how these “putting it out of your mind” attempts go… they keep popping back into my mind.

All week I have been working on stitched words for my new Kantha project.  This provides plenty of time to contemplate the idea of writing and sending letters. I tried hard to push these thoughts aside as there is certainly a lot more to do than write letters these days… but isn’t that precisely why this movement of writing a letter a day came into existence and is enjoying incredible popularity?

IMG_7437I decided to pull out my favorite fountain pen, a leather bound journal that I purchased four years ago and was always afraid to “mess up”, 30 pop-open cards for inspiration with the theme of “Dream”, some rayon fabric with semi-cursive writing given to me by a friend the first time I taught at the Sunshine Coast (Thanks, Jill Sullivan!) and a piece of black and white quilting fabric depicting various writing utensils.

Who can resist the temptation now? My resolve weakened, but as always: I don’t conform well. Instead of writing a letter a day (I live 30 km from the closest mail box!)  decided to begin my journal. I will pull one card from the box and use as my inspiration for writing. We shall see what I come up with. I don’t usually stick with one approach for long, things evolve and take on a life of their own. I will keep an open mind. The objective is to…

IMG_7440…just as the fabric suggests!

Have you heard of National Letter Writing month? Have you contemplated participating or better yet, have you participated in the past? Please share your thoughts below! I am always in interested in your experiences.

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One thought on “On Writing and Other Inspiration…

  1. Interesting concept, letter writing… I am going to try writing a letter, it will be a challenge to string a whole sentence together. I wonder how my penmanship has really deteriorated in the past years.


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