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Only a Week Ago…

Architectural detail 2…I received an email sharing that one of the world’s most talented and successful architects passed away. Zaha M. Hadid may not be a familiar name to you. Until three years ago I had not heard of her either.

Thanks to Gillian, one of the Advanced Design workshop participants from 2014 I was soon better informed and became a strong supporter and great admirer of Zaha Hadid’s designs.

Hadid’s work was a great inspiration to Gillian and the rest of the class became entranced with the way Gillian embraced all Zaha Hadid had to offer. Just recently I heard her say “Oh, I think I will use one of my Zaha sketchbook designs for the upcoming challenge.”

To read more about Dame Zaha M. Hadid’s accomplishments check Google, Wikipedia or start on her website. I am grateful for Gillian’s great passion for Hadid’s architectural accomplishments. Had it not been for her sharing books and her design research I would not have learned about this great architect.

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5 thoughts on “Only a Week Ago…

  1. Zaha Hadid is such a huge inspiration! I recently wrote an article about her so I was able to deep further into the type of architect that she was. She truly left an amazing legacy, especially for young, female architects like me.


  2. Thanks to Gillian for introducing her to us. Gillian’s enthusiasm made Hadid memorable for all in the class.


  3. I love her work as well!!


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