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Back to the Basics…

shell macroI feel I have been neglecting the blog for longer than usual. It has been a busy week with finishing renovations and painting in the house, watching the ice disappear from the lake aided by the strong Alberta winds (which also brought on a massive migraine) and … life in general.

After a good block of time earlier today my studio storage area actually has space to walk around in without tripping over a pile of books or stubbing my toe on a box of samples. I admit it: I can’t remember the last time I chased the dust bunnies from that space. In the studio the light box has found a new owner and will be picked up later this week. Tomorrow morning I will tidy up the main studio space as well because I am at a point where I need my cutting table to lay out the individual components of my latest Kantha creation. Things are moving along well and many loose ends are getting tied up.

Friday I received word that all my workshops are going ahead at Quilt Canada 2016. Great news and a special thank you to all who registered, shared the information and made this possible. The two day workshop is fully subscribed with 20 participants, the Mola class has 12 participants, and the Embellishment class on Saturday June 19th has 10 participants. I realize registration is still ongoing, so if you were thinking about a workshop at the International Center in Mississauga there is still time!

My travel plans however have changed and I will be flying to Southern Ontario instead of driving. It’s a long story and I might share the details as spring unfolds.

I am beginning to breathe a little easier tonight, we even went to the movies for the first time in about two years. I am back in studio artist mode and will be devoting more constructive time blogging. I have confirmation that Gillian has agreed to be a guest blogger with an article about Dame Zaha M. Hadid. Stay tuned for this worthwhile event.

On the Art Quilt Campus front, week one continues to be fully subscribed. Week two now has 12 registrations to date and if you were considering coming out to Muenster, SK this year for a week of full studio immersion with tutor input and the ever popular opportunity to dye to your heart’s content don’t hesitate too long or you might miss out.

That’s it from Sand Point Beach at Buffalo Pound Lake, SK for today… Hope your weekend was relaxing, productive or whatever you had hoped for!

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