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Basking in the Warm Sunshine

Spiral 1Well, not quite! To get the yard to look as lush and green as above we have to practice patience and invest a little elbow grease. These days the trees are still bare and the sun is just beginning to really warm the air. However, the first Box Elder Bug took a rest on our living room window this morning. Spring has arrived and is here to stay.

I have a day in the studio where I plan on finishing (or finish as much as possible…) my latest Kantha project.

I based this piece on words around a symbol signifying inner peace. It was inspired by one of the articles in Happinez magazine. I dreamed about the design first. Here is a little teaser:

IMG_7485One of the 18 words I selected. These embroidered words will be arranged around this symbol.

IMG_7486I am contemplating adding Kantha stitching inside the symbol to reduce the bulging… we shall see. For now I am grappling with the way to affix it to a background and how to select and finish this background.

Well, that’s my cue: Less talking/writing, more action. I best get to work before the day just disappears.

Have a productive day filled with creativity wherever you may be today!

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