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Sometimes We Just Need to Have Some Fun!

book cover003 copyThat is why I am sharing this book with you today. I bought it years ago, while studying “media” and “distressed surfaces” during my City & Guilds days. I found “Entrez” at a Barnes & Noble in Washington State and felt compelled to pick it up. Not only did it feature a variety of signs, I was particularly interested in the images of distressed surfaces. I can’t get enough of the inspiring images…

Here are a few to inspire:

002 003 001 004“Entrez – Signs of France”,photographs by Steven Rothfeld, Text by Andre Aciman. Artisan Publishing, New York, 2001.
ISBN 781-579-651701

Why not take your camera or smart phone for a walk through your town and gather some visual information? These images make great starting point for painted and dyed fabrics. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Sometimes We Just Need to Have Some Fun!

  1. Shirley on said:

    I will look at old painted buildings in a new way now Anna.


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