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Amazing… what two boxes of fabric can lead to!

IMG_0996Remember my Studio Transformation early in the year? I ended up with two large boxes of scraps and fabrics I knew I would just not use anytime in the future. I packed them all up and sent to my friend Shirley in Calgary. Shirley and I lived in the same neighborhood before I moved to Saskatchewan. We have stayed in touch (she and her husband even visited us here at the lake house!), a real accomplishment and a huge privilege with today’s fleeting relationships due to the social media mentality! I treasure Shirley’s kind emails and her support across the miles.

Shirley was delighted to receive the fabric and immediately began to work with it. She sorted and pressed the fabrics. Then she did the best thing of all, she set up a session for sharing her knowledge and skill. Please let me introduce Shirley (image above) with two new patch workers and quilters. (permission to use these images was granted!)

IMG_0997The quilt in the making on the table is Amanda’s, grade 7 and the one on the floor is Rebecca’s grade 12.

P1060705This is one of Shirley’s quilt tops. I recognize the fabrics I sent… I am so excited to see what she can do with color, value and texture.

IMG_5180Here is the full view of the quilt top. Shirley says: “I have been very busy sewing all your lovely fabrics together and teaching two teenagers to sew with your fabric. I will get some pictures from my friend of the girls quilts. They are loving it so the fabric keeps giving. I plan to hang the one I am making over our bed but it will be awhile before I get it hand-quilted.”

I am so happy my fabrics have found a new home – Shirley has given them new life!

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6 thoughts on “Amazing… what two boxes of fabric can lead to!

  1. Shirley on said:

    Anna, you are adorable! Just don’t anybody throw out fabric.


    • Quilters are not really in the habit of throwing out fabric – they often give it away to a charity quilt group which is an option I had considered if you were not interested in the fabrics, Shirley. However, I also know that most of the small “scraps” would not have been of interest to a group as it would have added time for sorting. I am so glad you were able to put the fabric to good use! Happy quilting and sharing!


  2. quiltrod on said:

    What a great story Anna! I am hoping to do the same with my granddaughter. She comes along with me to the quilt stores and picks out a fat quarter. At some point we will gather them up and start a quilt. We started when she was 5 years old. Her taste in fabric is changing as the years go by.


  3. Laine canivet on said:

    Love this story. No matter how small, bits of fabric can become beautiful and useful


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