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Book Review: Nomad

IMG_483569675NomadA Global Approach to Interior Style by Sibella Court, Chronicle Books, 2011.
ISBN 978-1-4521-0496-6

This is what happens when I suggest the local book store as a meeting point: I have a habit of arriving early and waiting is never an issue as I have a book on my iPad and usually don’t get tempted, especially since I am purging my library… remember?

Well, last Friday I was waiting to connect with my friend. There was no room at the Starbucks (at least nobody was going to give up a little space on their table) so I moved outside. It didn’t take long to be engulfed in dust clouds with the wind showing off it’s spring time strength. My only alternative was to go inside and warm up a little.

I was drawn in by numerous stacks of books and just had to check them out. “Nomad” drew my attention immediately. I wasn’t particularly interested in the topic of decorating but the well composed images really fascinated me. Each photograph of textures, ephemera, traditional crafts and especially the textiles really attracted my attention. No matter how firm I became with myself I returned to that particular stack and.. ended up buying the book.

How could I resist the opening paragraph? It starts with “Vacations are too few and far between. To have a piece of that experience and memory reflected in your interior – even the smallest incidental that makes you smile and takes you to another place – is what’s it all about…” and ends with “It’s about your stories reflecting your life.”

I have no regrets – this is the kind of book that will stay with and inspire me for years to come. Every time I open it something makes me smile, conjures up a memory or inspires me to create a similar composition with materials close at hand. Originally offered at US $ 40 I picked this copy up for Can. $ 15. Who could resist THIS bargain?

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