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What Inspires You?

Shot with DxO ONE

That is one question that is usually preceded by “I am just amazed… where do you come up with these ideas?” I had some time yesterday to contemplate this topic while watching the shadows cast onto the roof of our screened in deck. The branches were moving in the wind and created some very intriguing patterns. I neglected to pull out my camera, but I am sure you can create a picture in your mind?

Instead I am sharing an image today that was captured last month on my walk in the neighborhood. A vivid reminder that all personal possessions are fleeting and can be gone within a matter of minutes. That’s another topic and I will concentrate on why I made this image with my cell phone. (The neighbors are fine. They were not home when the fire began and efforts to rebuild are already under way.)

I was pulled in by the stark contrast of the charred beams against the grey sky and debris. My attention went to the textures in the brick work and charred beams.

Where do I get my ideas? The simple answer is: “All around me – all the time – nearly every minute of the day, and then even in my dreams.” Yes, I admit freely that I have an overactive mind, not the best thing when seeking restful moments. I took up meditation lately and even then I realize that my subconscious mind is working. One of the inspirations that sprang into my mind as I was emerging from the meditative state was the Kantha wall hanging I completed a couple of weeks ago.

Against the WindPhotography is also a great way to stay and/or become inspired. Yes, I make images of different subjects. During a sunset drive last night we came upon a road we had not traveled on before (and we have lived here for nearly 9 years). Not far from the road a herd of ponies was grazing, steadfast against the strong prairie winds. We pulled over and I spent some time trying to make eye contact with these beautiful creatures.

SistersAfter the initial coy head swing this mare was eager to model for me.

CuriousShe was not the only one to take notice of the parked vehicle by the fence line…

Dinner time…While the rest kept their head down pulling up the juicy grass blades for dinner.

The question remains, what caught my eye? Was it the red harness on the pony, the stance of the ponies while watching humans, or was it the way the mane blew in the strong wind? My answer is: All of the above!

This morning I received a poignant essay by one of the Canadian photographers I most admire. David duChemin has done it again. This line caught me eye: “We talk so often about having a photographer’s eye, which is, of course, total nonsense. We see with the mind.”

David is an accomplished photographer. He also knows how to communicate well. Here is a link to the blog post I am referring to. Timely? Absolutely! Worth Reading? You be the judge… Here is the link once more

Enjoy the read and don’t hesitate to leave your comments below!

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2 thoughts on “What Inspires You?

  1. Helene on said:

    Great article. Thanks for sharing it with us.I’m afraid I’m not very observant at all, visually. I tend to be inspired by life in general. Little moments in time, often ones that amuse me. I get snapshots and a title emerges out of nowhere. These form little stories in my head that won’t go away until I’ve spent time with them stitching. So it’s always about a specific moment or many moments woven into one picture. Hmm, funny. I’ve never really thought about it.


    • Helene – I yearn for the days where I never really thought about my inspiration… 😉 What changed things for me years ago was the City & Guilds courses I was enrolled in. I do embrace that realization though as it showed me ways to look at the world I never thought of before. These days I work more and more intuitively, returning to those days where I didn’t think much about where my starting point might come from. Happy creating!


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