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viewSummer is here… maybe not quite but with the temperatures in the low 30s C it certainly feels like we skipped spring. The trees are leafing out and soon everything will be green and our property look a lot more sheltered. For now I am enjoying the view from the studio deck – it is beautiful!

While we enjoy this carefree weather we can’t help but worry about what is happening in Fort McMurray. The wildfires have made so many people homeless and displaced others. Firefighters are putting up a brave fight – the images on the news are heart braking! And it is only early May – with no moisture in the forecast for the next 10 days the concerns of fires is never far from anyone’s mind…

Aurora 2 copyMonday night we caught the last glow of the Aurora on our way home from the Camera Club meeting. We didn’t have our cameras with us (embarrassing…) so we quickly went home, put on jackets and grab the camera gear. By the time we made it to a spot without light pollution the big show was over. There will be other opportunities, we keep watching for the Aurora alerts…


Closer to home we are enjoying the latest upgrade, a new breezeway that makes the approach to the front door so much more inviting. Another project completed, time to sit and enjoy some iced tea!

breezeway2The weather is great, I spent some creative time in the kitchen baking and will be on my way to Regina shortly to pick up my friend for a couple of days R&R. I think this cozy space in the shade will be well utilized in the next few days.

Enjoy the weather if you can!


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