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Great times with friends while exploring the province…

Meadowlark 1What a week! With friends visiting I neglected my blog a little but the intent to share with you some of the scenery we experienced this week was never far from my mind. Enjoy the little tour in pictures ranging from Thursday through Sunday this week.

sunsetThis sunset was the first sign that the smoke from the Fort McMurray forest fires had made its way across Saskatchewan. The sunset on Thursday night was fleeting. The smoke moved in quickly and it was dark very quickly.

Sunset2This was the sunset yesterday, Saturday – what a show!

Sunset 1The colour was rich and deep.

Riverhurst fullToday we took a drive to Diefenbaker Lake. The Riverhurst Elevator is always on our agenda. Two years ago the colours were still fresh – the elements have left their mark and scrubbed away textures and paint.

Here are a few angles and views to appreciate this prairie landmark.

Riverhurst detail 3 Riverhurst detail 2 Riverhurst detail 1We even took a look inside, who could resist with the doors wide open?

Elevator equipmentElevator interior Soon we were on our way to the Riverhurst Ferry.

Riverhurst Crossing barrierThe view from the road always leaves me in awe.

Riverhurst Crossing viewThis vista reminds me of a shoreline at the ocean.

Ferry close upNautical inspiration? I liked it better in black and white.

Diefenbaker Lake from the power plantAnother view over Lake Diefenbaker at the Gardiner Dam site without a soul enjoying the beach.

Turn around and you see this:

Through the fence

Through the fence 2Power stationsOnly in Saskatchewan can you stand on the middle of the road for 10 minutes without a car chasing you off…

In the middle of the roadFrom technology back to nature. A finally was able to capture a Meadow Lark with my camera.

Meadowlark 2

The sunset was less spectacular today with the heavy cloud and smoke cover, but the details and striations of light called out to be captured.

Behind the cloudsThanks for coming along for the ride! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Great times with friends while exploring the province…

  1. Evelyn Schmaltz on said:

    Wonderful pictures Anna. I grew up on a farm near Calgary and heard meadow larks all the time. I’d forgotten about them so it was great to see the pictures. You must have a great camera to capture such wonderful images. Evelyn Schmaltz One of your students from Quilt Canada in Penticton


    • Hi Evelyn – I remember you from all the classes you attended. Last year around this time you came to Grand Forks – how time flies and how a year can bring on so much unexpected change. Glad you enjoyed the images of the meadow larks. I have been trying to capture them since last year. They are so easily frightened so I put my longest telephoto lens to the test and am very happy with the results.


  2. Johanna Alford on said:

    I really enjoyed the pictures, Those grain elevators will be and almost are a thing of the past, The odd one still stands. I hope to make a quilt one day with them worked in. Sunset was wonderful. Do you think those clouds were some of the smoke from the Alberta fires? What was the modern tech. No idea of their purpose. Please keep sending pictures. You are a wonderful photographer.


    • Hi Johanna, the sunset images were definitely more colourful due to the smoke in the sky. You could smell it as well! But with rain since Monday night things are looking up.


  3. paulajolly on said:

    Fabulous pictures Anna! I’m really looking forward to getting together for a visit. Seems it only happens once a year. One of these days our paths will cross again. Love your blog.


  4. Oh Anna fabulous pictures! Your creativity is amazing! I’m so looking forward to visiting you! Soon I hope. Although I realize we both have busy schedules. Thank you for your blog, I keeps me connected.


  5. Shelley on said:

    Hi Anna, I read you blog faithfully and enjoy your comments and pictures….seldom comment . Not great but there you are.
    What I wanted to tell you was… father’s business, Acme Industries, built the Riverhurst Ferry back in , oh…1965. He owned a welding business and developed his passion for boats by starting a wooden hulled boat business back in the 1950s. The Ferry seems, to me , to bring both his passions together. I still remember seeing the picture of the ferry built, then cut in half to transport it to Riverfurst. He was really really proud of that ferry.
    All the best,


    • Shelley, thanks so much for sharing! This is a great tidbit of information I won’t forget! I will share it with our friend who is very interested in SK history. She was born in this province and always feels a strong connection with it.


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