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Playing Hookey as the Long Weekend Arrives!

landscape with sunSunshine, great cloud formations and unknown territory – some of the best combinations! We found ourselves connecting with friends from long ago… We all used to live and work in Calgary, then we moved east and they moved west. Now their daughter and grand-children live in western Saskatchewan. After some quick Facebook messaging it was decided to meet in Rosetown for lunch yesterday.

Great time, great food (if you like Indian food, Highway Host in Rosetown is a wonderful choice!), reconnecting and reminiscing – what could be better to bring in the long weekend?

We were really tired of the poor road conditions on Hwy. 15. We have navigated it three times over the past month and since we didn’t have to rush home or to another appointment we decided to turn the wheels south on Hwy. 4 toward Swift Current. We were not disappointed. It was our first time traveling this road – which is excellent by the way!

Goodwin House and Metis CartGoodwin House is a great stop to enjoy the Diefenbaker Basin and Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park and its natural history.

landscape with clouds 1Most of all we enjoyed the cloud formations overhead. It has been too long since we took our time exploring parts of the province new to us. Interested in reading more about our excursion, click on this link to my travel blog.

Anticipating a vivid sunset we set out after a quick supper at home. The only interesting discovery we made was this moose… she lives only about 2 miles from our house. The terrain is perfect, water, trees for shelter and lots of grass on munch on all around.. I am sure I will try to visit her again. She was very shy and this is the best of 23 images I made.

Moose in treesThe moose in the woods made up for the disappointing sunset. Oh well, there are a few more days this weekend that may bring a fabulous golden hour with colorful skies!

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