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And then it was June…

Sunset in Saskatchewan…and my trip to Ontario is less than 12 hours away. I will be in Calgary waiting for my connection to Kitchener by this time tomorrow. Meanwhile I am still packing. Every time I step into the studio another idea comes to mind for my London Embroiderers’ Guild and Quilt Canada workshops and I hurry to grab more samples and supplies just in case…. My “Open the Vault” class will be exciting as everyone participating will bring up to three items from their stash and art supplies to learn about. I am trying to anticipate the questions and samples from my end after sending an email a while ago asking everyone what they will be bringing. I only heard back from about 1/3 of the participants, so hopefully this workshop progresses as anticipated. The class is fully subscribed but there are still openings in the Mola workshop (full kit can be purchased in class) and the “Make it Shine” embellishment workshop (I packed plenty of extra supplies to accommodate up to 20 participants). Here is the link to the Quilt Canada 2016 website. Why wait – register today!

Life at home is moving along – the house and studio are still for sale.  Several well received showings have us confident that the right buyer is not far off. We have stepped up our advertising on websites and a weekly prairie publication. Meanwhile feel free to share the links with anyone who might be interested in a viewing. Colin will be here to conduct tours while I am away. and 

We try to take out time for sunset photography when we can. Spring and fall are great times to capture the Golden Hour. The image above was captured two days ago. How fitting to find a newsletter in my inbox yesterday to tout the benefits of watching sunsets. Last evening we were treated to our first fierce thunderstorm this year. I am still practicing to capture lighting – yesterday was a bust as we waited too long. It was raining heavily by the time we had our gear in the car. There will be other times once I get home later this month.

I best get on with my day and assemble some clothes for my carry on. I have 23 lbs weight allowance left. My large suitcase is at maximum with samples and quilts. You would think that after all these years I have lots of practice packing – yet each time I tend to pack for the unique situation. Formulas don’t apply when packing for quilting courses. 😉

Enjoy your weekend. The next time I check in it will be from Southern Ontario.

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4 thoughts on “And then it was June…

  1. Wow that sounds so exciting. Have a great time. Please post photos of some of the quilts. I’m hopeless but I have a neighbour who makes exquisite ones.


    • Will do my best – Quilt Canada usually has a “no photography” rule for the judged entries. But if there is an opportunity to photograph other shows I will do my best.


  2. Gorgeous photo


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