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The longest day of the year

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…is the perfect time to reflect on a whirlwind time in Ontario.

I am looking at images from walks I took in London with my hostess Patricia. During our last morning together we had a little extra time so we headed to Sifton Bog and Warbler Hill. It was a peaceful time, the perfect transition from one busy week of teaching to another even busier week of judging and teaching.

Thank you to all who made my trip to Ontario enjoyable and memorable. As always, I learned more from you than I could ever share from my own skill and knowledge bank. It was a pleasure to connect with everyone in London and Quilt Canada 2016 in Mississauga.Ā  It was especially wonderful to reconnect with so many friends from past workshops and those whose paths I have crossed while visiting your guilds.

Today I am seeking an activity to mark a major transition. I just concluded my last scheduled teaching trip – my calendar only shows two more weeks of spending time with like-minded artists at my annual Art Quilt Campus in August. For now the suitcases are unpacked and I am feeling a little at loose ends.

Where do I go, what will I tackle first? There are countless things set aside “until life slows down” for me. That was my mantra for the last 4 + years. Now I am at the point where life slows down. But wait, this is not an invitation to suggest what I could do to fill my newfound freedom.

The questions were actually rhetorical… šŸ˜‰ I know what I will do first: I will make a list. Lists help me to regroup, organize my thoughts, formulate goals and find a starting point. I keep these lists short, no more than 6 items. I then prioritize the items through numbering. Number 1 is the most important item – from there subsequent lists will emerge but not until I have dealt with all items on the primary list. It always gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to cross one item off the list.

But today is a day to reflect. Summer officially starts around 6:30 pm. We will be packing our camera gear shortly and load the car. The full moon is called the “Strawberry Moon” today – it is predicted to rise just as the sun sets. This event took place last during the “Summer of Love in 1967” (do you remember where you were then? – I was finishing grade 4…). I can’t wait to find the perfect spot and capture the moment. I guess I have just made this Item # 1 on my list for today. Life is good, the weather is great and summer lies ahead.

I hope you have a great Summer Solstice – will you be building a fire and dance around it in bare feet? Be careful not to step onto a fairy by accident… Confused? Puzzled? Check your myths and legends of Scandinavia if you want to find out more. šŸ˜‰


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2 thoughts on “The longest day of the year

  1. Hi Nancy, yes, it was was wonderful to see you. How time flies – has it been 2 years since I visited Sault Ste. Marie already? – The term strawberry moon is not mine. We read about it when we scouted out the time of the moon rise for last night. It is named after the season…


  2. Nancy on said:

    So wonderful to reconnect with you if only briefly at CQA.
    No fires tonight…extremely high winds are bringing in a cold front.
    We have been watching the moon every night .
    Thanks for the title Stawberry moon. I had not heard that before.
    Take care ,enjoy the list making process and the transition to something new.


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