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A Life Sign…

lake viewBefore the day gets any later I feel I have to check in with everyone. I have had a number of emails and texts from friends over the last few days and they are wondering what might be up… Well, here is your life sign: It’s another gorgeous day at the lake… but I am not basking in the sun, not yet anyways! I am in the studio working hard. I am finally able to take advantage of a block of time where I am not making up kits, look after travel arrangements or packing suitcases.

This is what I have been striving toward for months now – a free block of time! I am working on “the book”. The manuscript text is pretty much complete with another edit to come before I save it to disc and send it off to the publisher. The images are what take the time now. I have made photos of work and samples along the way but as with anything, they don’t always work the way I envisioned them at the time of making the photograph.

Just to give you an idea about the time invested… I spent eight solid hours on 13 images and their captions yesterday. With those specs I best get back to work – I have a full day without interruptions and hope to get at least 20 images edited and inserted with captions.

Wish me luck! Enjoy your day!

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5 thoughts on “A Life Sign…

  1. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Good luck Anna. I am working to bring the garden up to speed and then am planning also to declare studio days for myself. E


  2. Leona on said:

    Good going Anna.. Time to work uninterrupted is precious as I know. Hope all is well with you and Colin. Did you manage to watch all of Downton again. Maybe not until the snow flies. Am in the midst of cleaning and sorting out stuff to get rid of through the whole house. We are conspicuous consumers and it must stop. Am in a deliema on how get rid of it all. Where did I go wrong????? Enough of my complaining. Will miss you all at summer campus but I must admit that the trip and money spent on it was worth so much as Kirsten and I bonded again as mom and daughter. You are correct Italy is so very wonderful. Keep busy and we will get together again soon. Leona


    • Good to see you are home, Leona – sounds like your trip was fabulous! After the book is done I am back to purging the studio. The house is in pretty good shape after my winter purge, but the studio needs a serious clean out in the library and quilt storage and sample area. Hope to see you soon. Downton is on the list – the time is lacking… do you need to the DVDs back? If so I can arrange it and borrow them at a later date.


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