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Finishing up

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The question is… will I ever finish this special summer project? The answer is: There is hope and the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little bigger these days.

By day I have been pounding away at the keyboard on the text portions of the book, including image file with cations as well as the market survey. By night I was burning the midnight oil to get the Kantha blanket finished I started over three years ago for the daughter of close friends. The baby is turning 3 at the end of the month and after 350 + recorded hours of stitching I am happy share the blanket with you today.

Images of this blanket will appear in the book in the gallery chapter of the book. Yesterday the last three contributions to the gallery arrived and I spent some time making the final images for the gallery. Thank you to all who have contributed – I could not have done it without your support. When each Kantha project takes many hours to complete it is very gratifying to see such diversity.

Well, I best get back to the final proof read – cross your finger for me that I will not have the frustrations of yesterday. MS Work crashed five times, each time erasing portions of the book I knew I had saved previously. I am shocked at how unstable the programme is but it is the word processing programme the publisher specified… so I comply – frustration and all.

I think I have grown more grey hair over the past three weeks… but who is counting?

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4 thoughts on “Finishing up

  1. Helene on said:

    That is stunning, Anna! Wow!


  2. quiltrod on said:

    The blanket it so beautiful Anna. What a treasure.


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