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Time to Clean House


It’s another long weekend, and really the first summer where I am home for the July AND August long weekend in nine years. We have been busy preparing for another Open House. We will spend this afternoon and tomorrow welcoming anyone interested in seeing the house and studio. I just finished the last minute cleaning chores and thought I would check in for the weekend. Please share this info if you live near Moose Jaw or know of anyone interested in relocating!

On to the real reason for today’s post: For about 18 months now I have been contemplating streamlining my online presence. With this blog, a website and a travel site for photography I feel I spend too much time online. I am not a huge Facebook fan and rarely check my page there. Sorry to those who find FB the best way to communicate. Call me old-fashioned, I still prefer a personal email.

I have given notice to my website server to cancel my website. I am in the process of updating this site as it has evolved from an ordinary blog to my primary promotional site. My workshops, lectures, calendars and most pertinent information can be found here.  They were transferred and expanded over the past 12 month already. I am currently working on transferring the galleries with my art work. This will take place over the next several weeks. Please take note that has been cancelled.

No worries, I am not withdrawing from cyberspace completely. Regrouping is as good as a holiday, at least for me! Enjoy your weekend, stay cool wherever you are, just think: in five months we are getting ready for a new year… 😉

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2 thoughts on “Time to Clean House

  1. Hi Anna, so will those of us on your mailing list still be in contact with you? Not sure I understand what you mean by not continuing with your website, since I don’t do that. I’m a straight e-mailer, and Facebook user, and am thinking of sometime in the future of designing a blog. Please clear this up for me, as I enjoy hearing about you and your part of the world. I live in Virginia Beach, Va.,,,,,,thanks,,,,,,,,sincerely,,,,,Lynne


    • Hello Lynne, I am so happy to read that you are enjoying following my blog here. You have nothing to worry about. You are subscribing to the blog (this is the blog/website) you will continue to receive notices when I have posted an entry. I have merely cancelled my old website since there was a lot of duplication and extra work to keep it up. I hope this clarifies things a bit better. Take care and stay in touch. I love to hear from you as well! Anna


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