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Day 3 – The Dyers are moving…

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…into the classroom full time. Wednesday always marks the final flurry of activities in the dye room. The last few yards of fabric are pre-soaked in soda ash solution, dye colors are worked into yardage and threads for future embellishments. And then, at the end of the day the big clean up takes place… which this year was rather fast and efficient as everyone was familiar with the routine and cleaned up along the way.

Wednesday also marks the time we spend together after dinner learning about critique and providing and receiving constructive feedback. It was a long day but tonight I found a larger than normal group gathered in the lounge decompressing when I returned from the classroom. The conversation topics were diverse and engaging, but soon one by one the group shrunk down as each person excused themselves with polite yawns indicating that bedtime had arrived.

I think it’s time for me as well to head to bed. I am trying to catch up on the sleep I sacrificed last night to capture the dancing Aurora… it’s overcast tonight. I think my sleep is guaranteed. Good night!

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