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AQC Week 2 – Blood, Sweat, No Tears…

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What  a start to week 2 we had! An enthusiastic group decided to venture to the dye studio first thing this morning. After the initial somewhat disorganized state due to this strong enthusiasm we settled in with a couple of runs of the 24 step colour wheel… followed by a session of parfait dyeing, some dye painting with sodium alginate and a graduated dye run. The dye studio was a hub of activity.

Meanwhile in the sewing studio… the smaller group was working away with the occasional friendly banter exchanged between friends when a a brand new blade in Birdie’s rotary cutter seemed to have developed a mind of its own. One quick movement and a trip to the hospital with Fr. Demetrius and classmate Dorothy finished the morning off.

Talk about a first day at Art Quilt Campus to remember…. All is well, stitches were necessary to mend the left pointer finger – what amazed us most: Birdie’s primarily white outfit and her white fabric didn’t get a drop of blood on them.

The day concluded with the annual show and share session where new and old participants show a work created over the past year, often started at Art Quilt Campus.

All is well, the dorm is quiet as we rest up for tomorrow’s dyeing, designing and sewing activities. Stay tuned and check back if we can top the first day events.

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2 thoughts on “AQC Week 2 – Blood, Sweat, No Tears…

  1. Oh dear Anna! poor Birdie!! I hope it all goes better for the rest of the week. I have been looking forward to your posts this week, I’m going through week 1 withdrawal…. I’m heading out to my backyard today with temps expected to be +27 today. I’m after my elusive discharge results again. Wish me luck! Thinking of all your creative artists in week 2 today. Xxxx Alison


    • Birdie is in great spirits – she is a great sport… it was just a little excitement to get the heart rate up. Off to start the indigo today… it’s hot and sunny already – should be perfect for the indigo! Happy creating in Calgary!


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