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Summer Heat, Color and Creativity…


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Can it be that it is only Tuesday night? After another day of dyeing fabric with Procion MX and Indigo, designing with colorful cottons and exploring new ideas while collaborating in the air conditioned classroom or in bright sunshine outside, and finishing off with learning the Kantha Outline Stitch during the evening programme the day comes to an end.

It was a hot one today and while we were kneeling to immerse fabric into the indigo it felt a little like we were praying. I call this productive time “Praying to the indigo gods…” 😉 It’s easy to turn silly when one is sleep deprived and focused on making the best of the brief time together.

Tonight the 24 Step Color Wheel is drying in the dye room, a dull green-gray dress has changed color for its owner who can’t wait to try it on, the walls in the sewing studio are beginning to take on a new life thanks to emerging compositions…

Speaking of sleep deprivation: I better turn in. The dorm hall way lights are dimmed and a hush has fallen over St. Peter’s Abbey. I can’t wait to see what everyone is dreaming up in their sleep for tomorrow…

What’s a picture of honey on a plate wit crackers doing in the slide show? When a little sweetness is craved and dessert is missing at lunch… drizzle some freshly harvested Abbey honey on a plate and scoop it up with saltine crackers! It seemed to hit the spot for one participant!

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