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Missing: Lounge Lizards…


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Day four at Art Quilt Campus, whether it is week 1 or 2, is usually filled with focused activities, demonstrations of techniques and full immersion in the sewing studio. It is also the day I proclaim an activity free evening. What did the participants do last night… rush back to the classroom and continue on with their work. Adrienne proclaimed at 8:30 pm that “There are no lounge lizards tonight!” The guest lounge was dark, quiet and empty!

By 10 pm almost everybody had arrived for a glass of wine, a little late night snack (not that we aren’t fed well this week), more story telling and socializing. Reflecting on the day: We were busy! Sharilyn is finishing her dye run, and everyone else is giving their sewing machines a good workout. We also had our annual visit from one of the monks who always engages with each student during the second week.

I was asked to appear at the Abbey church for a special photo shoot during the lunch hour. Last week I offered my piece “The Transfiguration of Christ” to the Abbey and Abbot Peter graciously accepted. The piece is now hanging prominently in the church. Abbot Peter,  Fr. Demetrius and I came together for Fr. Paul to immortalize us in pictures. (“Transfiguration traveled for 4 years across North America. It was part of an exhibition organized by Louise Tessier of Regina).

One more day of creativity and lively interaction – I best make my way to bed!

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