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Happy Campers and Cool Color!

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How fast a week goes by… only one more sleep and week 2 of Art Quilt Campus will come to an end. I am continually in awe that I have the privilege to witness a group of creative women come together to create, exchange ideas and push forward toward a new goal, a new art piece or creating 8 meter pieces of fabric to trump the 6 meter pieces from last year.

After another productive day in the studio packing up tonight was bitter sweet. A social in the lounge with tasty snacks and Laceys (a decadent cookie combining toffee and chocolate) and that well deserved glass of wine the group vowed to be back in full force next year! For now everyone has hit the pillow and by now they are dreaming of vibrant colors and fresh ideas for the upcoming year!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Campers and Cool Color!

  1. Congratulations Sharilyn on the beautiful fabrics you created. I did not get to see them in person so sending thanks to Anna for posting them. This way I was able to enjoy them too. I have been telling everyone here what a wonderful time I had . It is the best art time I’ve ever had and I am very thankful for Anna and all the work she did to bring us all together and make AQC a sensation. Missing everyone. Take care all – Susan


    • Sharilyn was pretty pleased with her dye results! Maybe leave a comment on the group website so she can see it, Susan. Hope you are all rested up and ready to travel to your next destination!


  2. And there he is….. Fr D in his fuschia t-shirt. What a rebel.


  3. Thank you, Serafina/Marilyn – oh what a wonderful time it was…. and things are a little quiet suddenly. I will revel in the quiet to regain my energy. I am unpacking everything between posting the last reflections on the week and answering your comment. You were missed – group 1 was asking about you and sending their love!! Planning for AQC 2017 has begun!


  4. Marilyn/Serafina on said:

    Congratulations Anna, you did it again! You have once again hosted two amazing weeks for your very lucky students. It was great seeing the posts and all the amazing work that was being created. So wish I could have been there. Now for some hard earned rest, you certainly deserve it, because you always give your all to your students.

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