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Last Reflections on AQC 2016 – Week 2

IMG_8449A whirlwind week has come to an end! And as usual I wonder where the days went. With the hours flying by providing feedback, answers to questions design and quilting related, leading Q & A sessions pertaining to quilting, entering juried/judged shows, approaching galleries, pricing ones work and how to revive an exhausted indigo dye vat the week has come to a close.

Thank you to Adrienne, Carole, Geraldine, Eileen, Birdie, Elaine, Lynn, Frances,  Donna, Kit, Sharilyn, Dorothy, Kristi, Theresa, Susan and Shan. Week 2 participants were from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. What an honor to get to know everyone better and witnessing the progress. It was a privilege to provide feedback and input as well as answer the many questions that presented themselves in this unique guided studio experience throughout the week.

I said good bye to the last participants this morning. Thanks to everyone for your help in reestablishing a college classroom, tidying up the kitchen and lounge and leaving the rooms ready for the cleaning crew. By the time Colin arrived to pick me up we just loaded supplies, dye jars, buckets and my clothes into the car and turned the wheels south toward home.

Unpacking always takes a little longer, but it too shall be completed by the end of the day. I can start my Sunday in a tidy space listening to the roofer re-shingling our storage shed in the back yard. Earplugs are the answer…

Enjoy the rest of the weekend – Safe travels to everyone.

PS: Birdie’s finger is on the mend. The doctor who sewed up her finger should consider becoming a quilter perhaps… 😉

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2 thoughts on “Last Reflections on AQC 2016 – Week 2

  1. Eileen on said:

    Would you believe “drawing””class? I do not like autocorrect.


  2. Eileen on said:

    Arrived home safely after stopping at the dress shop. Now have some new goodies to wear and a lot less $$$ in me pocket. After unloading the car & kissing the hubby, I promptly enrolled in a basic draining class. Have to get ready for next year!
    Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful week.


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