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Life’s Good…


A trip into town today was definitely worthwhile! My latest copy of Happinez was in the post office box… can’t wait to open it up!! And a parcel from Rhode Island… My quilt “Let the Sunshine In” has come home after several years of touring the world.

Let the Sunshine inThis little quilt has quite the history: Created in November 2010, shipped to the organizer of the group exhibition on December 15th, 2010 it was promptly lost… only to arrive 10 minutes before the organizer was to depart for the airport in February 2011 to hang the show at the United Nations Building in Geneva, Switzerland, the first venue of a successful exhibition run. My quilt was hung for several hours only to be pulled on March 8th, 2011 (International Women’s Day) as it was deemed “too controversial”. That was the last hurdle it had to overcome as far as I am aware. All other venues were fine with the piece. Now it is back in my possession, 5 years and 8 months later….

I am off to start exploring my new magazine…

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4 thoughts on “Life’s Good…

  1. Anna I had the same thing happen with my Sulha being to conttriversal to hang. What a joke that was as mine was representing forgiveness, reconcilliation and peace. The word is used in Arabic and Hebrew with same meaning. Well you never know with political correctness a byword these days. When is Colin scheduled for surgery?? Soon I hope. Talk later. Leona


    • Well Leona – we can truly say we have arrived as artists when or textile creations are too controversial to be hung. I was quite proud…
      Colin’s surgery was cancelled – still waiting for the specialists to get back to us with some answers. The roller coaster ride continues!


  2. Elinor, the piece was removed from the UN exhibit as a vote was scheduled in France the following month to decide on a “no birkha” ruling…


  3. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Anna, this is a very evocative piece of the strength of women collectively. A complete mystery as to why it would have been taken down on International Women’s Day. Enjoy your new copy of happinez.


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