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A Reminder…

IMG_8594Yesterday was one of these late summer days (in Saskatchewan this is considered late summer…) where we woke up to rain and heavy cloud cover. By mid afternoon I had enough, I needed to get our for some fresh air. The light drizzle could not keep me indoors any longer. After a long break I finally had a chance to again embark on my eight km walk along the lake. The gravel road was being graded and at times I was slipping around on slimy mud which was soon building up on the soles of my runners. Yuck!But I forged on as I find daily walking very good for my inspiration.

Once I reached the paved portion of the road the walking became easy, almost automatic and I felt carefree… until I caught sight of this branch devoid of leaves… A feeling of dread came over me, however brief. I am not fond of winter, not just because we live at the lake. I just don’t like the cold! The feeling was short lived because I forced my thoughts to a more positive view: With the cold weather approaching I will have countless opportunities to spend time in the studio. My fabric is calling me, challenges are to be met!

The sunset was spectacular, almost a reward for my positive thoughts during the walk. Our house does not face west, but since we live on the prairies we have the benefit from the setting sun reflecting in the east. This is the best time of the year – when during the golden hour the hills across the lake are bathed in golden light.


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