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Grateful for Color

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Today’s slideshow was captured over the last couple of days, a flower arrangement that continues to add color to the house thanks to my Art Quilt Campus Week 2 participants, the first signs of fall as spotted on a Virginia Creeper hedge somewhere along the lake during my daily walks, and the lovely ripe peppers that welcome us at our front door, coming and going.

I have surrounded myself with color all week. In the studio I am working on a challenge piece and the main color I have chosen is red. I am assembling the primary structure by hand which means it is relatively slow going. But what’s the hurry? I don’t have to rush to finish the piece. For the first time in years I am not working with one eye on the calendar to manage my time and not to overlook a deadline for submission or pack for teaching.

I am breathing easier and feeling remarkable calmer. I am grateful for color when I open the fabric storage cupboard. Once my red piece is finished I already have another color scheme lined up for the next creation. And then again, I may just change my mind when the time comes… It feels good to be immersed in a tranquil space where color is only an arm’s length away!

Where do you get your inspiration these days? Is it color, texture, line? Are you exploring nature or are you drawn to the urban landscape?  Weigh in below in the comment section. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “Grateful for Color

  1. Helene on said:

    I feel your bliss. Welcome home Anna!

    AQC 2016 is still lingering within me and inspiring me to work with the line and abstraction. I don’t have a studio space at the moment, but I do have quiet and calm. I’m surrounded by big green everywhere I look. Even my husband looks like a tree sometimes! So I’m turning to my sketchbook, something I rarely do!.


    • Helene, you sound so at peace. Glad to hear you are home after a busy week in Saskatchewan. It was wonderful to have you participate in Art Quilt Campus this year again. Happy creating in your wonderful piece of paradise!


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