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The Last Long Weekend…

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…of the summer is upon us. It doesn’t feel like September at all this year. I remember my days of teaching Pre-school and Kindergarten and driving to work on those first days to welcome students back after the long summer. There were strong contrasts in color, such as bright yellow poplar leaves against the azure prairie sky. Those were the days when we lived in Calgary.

I have noticed that spring arrives a little earlier here in South Central Saskatchewan and autumn comes a little later. After a day in town with errands and appointments I was hopeful that the air had cooled down for my early evening walk. Well, I was wrong – the humidity is high and the thermometer was hovering around 26 C when I laced up my runners. But there is no time like the present and it would just be too easy to interrupt my intention to regain a higher level of fitness.

I captured a few images of the changing leaves, ripe berries and a buck visiting a neighbour’s driveway. A brightly colored Black Eyed Susan beckoned to me from the side of the road.

What was impossible to capture were the smells as I made my way through the three lakeside communities. With this being the last long weekend I was surprised how few cabins were occupied, yet there were cars parked where I had not seen any all summer… Music, laughter, the clinking of glasses containing a refreshing beverage and the sounds of children at play were mingled with some peculiar scents… There were tantalizing smells promising steaks searing on the barbecue mixed with sunscreen infused with coconut flavor and another less appealing scent… that of DEED… At first I wasn’t too sure what that peculiar scent could be but I should have known!

The mosquitoes this year have been ferocious and every time I slowed down for a picture or to take in the view I was the target for countless little black bloodsuckers. I can’t believe how hungry they still are… and I didn’t bother to apply insect repellent. Needless to say, my walk was brisk but full of visual, auditory and olfactory impressions.

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