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Not Just Making Photographs…

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After posting on the blog almost daily last month I feel I have slipped a bit and become rather quiet. Yesterday I received an email from a friend in Germany who was looking for my newest work… her question was “Are you only doing photographs?”

The simple answer is no. But from looking at this blog it may not be immediately obvious to the reader. These days, with no bookings for teaching in the near future and the need to “find my groove” again, I have first made a strong commitment to increasing my fitness level. During the past year I did not spend a lot of time on staying strong physically – but with the great fall weather we are enjoying right now (let’s hope I didn’t jinx it with that sentence…) I am out early each morning walking along the lake. I am up to a full 15 km and I feel so much better.

Walking has always been a most enjoyable activity for me. And walking alone is a treat! I cannot believe how I can organize my thoughts, gain creative energy, see new possibilities and capture moments in time. My camera helps to immortalize these vistas, vignettes and simple rays of light.

Walking also helps me with creative problem solving. I am working on a group challenge (close up images above show how I am in the early stages… All I can say right now is: I am working in red.) The other challenge I am grappling with is an upcoming group exhibition with the Moose Jaw Art Guild. The theme is not an easy one to interpret so I am mulling over several options during the long walks. Things are beginning to crystallize… For now I am leaning toward interpreting the theme in photography. But all I can share for now is that it will be something completely different from my nature imagery. Stay tuned – I will share as things develop.

For today I am uploading the images I made during the morning walk. Enjoy!

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