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Exploring Color and Texture

A late afternoon walk yesterday to get away from the constant sitting with fabric, needle and thread in my hands brought me to a spot in the Western Qu’Appelle Valley Hills I had not ventured to before. The ever current question “I wonder where these tire tracks will lead?” were my mantra and I just kept climbing. It felt amazing to reach the top of the hill with Buffalo Pound Lake below reflecting the deep blue sky right around the Golden Hour.

The texture and line quality in this rock caught my eye early on. Covered partially by drying grasses I spread them apart, moved them out of the way and captured this image. I was fascinated by the colors and line quality and am considering making this a starting point for a painting or drawing.  As I was downloading the photos earlier I also realized the similarity to a wasp’s nest. No wasps anywhere – just a large, heavy rock that would look fantastic in our yard but is too heavy to transport. I just have to go and visit this geological formation often.

Shot with DxO ONECan’t get enough of the view with the rich fall colors… as the afternoon progresses and my back tells me to get moving I am setting myself the goal to head out again soon. My excuse? The weather can’t stay this nice forever… although one can always hope!

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