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A Walk in the Autumn Rain…

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…Sounds like a great title to a song, doesn’t it? It was my theme for today! I avoided walking in the rain yesterday, just couldn’t make myself ruin some fairly new runners. Instead I made good on a promise from nine years ago. We headed into town and I picked up a pair of rubber boots… not the ordinary type, these ones are perfect for the fashion conscious walker. 😉

I just had to “break in my new boots…” and decided to also pull out a rain poncho for the first time purchased last year at IKEA. I was sure I would be protect well and decided to take my big camera along with a macro lens… It was wet outside, the rain stopped and started, it was windy and in no time flat I was soaked.

But the vivid colors in the rain soaked landscape won out! I walked for an hour and captured a few autumnal images. I guess I also added to the Saturday afternoon entertainment of the neighborhood. Trucks slowed down and passed at a snail’s pace with curious drivers and passengers checking out the ghost-like figure (my rain poncho is pale grey) by the side of the road focusing on some ripe berries dripping in the rain or crouched down to isolate individual rain drops on glass blades. The last time I felt this self-conscious was years ago when I took my sketch pad and pencils to the Glenbow Museum for a Sunday afternoon outing for the first time.

But I persevered! Working through a few challenges other than the wet conditions I also struggled a bit with the wind. Every time I tried to focus on a new subjects a wind gust would move the berries or leaves. Macro photography on a windy day without a tripod makes for a never-ending challenge.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, rain or shine wherever you are!

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5 thoughts on “A Walk in the Autumn Rain…

  1. Judith KH on said:

    Splendid photos Anna, despite your difficulties. The close-ups of raindrops on leaves and berries are really well done, well worth all your crouching I am sure.


  2. carolewles on said:

    Love the raindrop pics. I’ve always wanted to figure out how to do raindrops on a piece of Fibre Art. Maybe that will be the challenge for AQC next year.

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  3. Really great pics in the rain. Boots are the fashion statement of the rainy season. See you this aft. Leona

    Liked by 1 person

  4. quiltrod on said:

    Really enjoyed your pictures today. I too love a walk in the rain!


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