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Life Sign!

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Thank you so much for checking in with me… It is comforting to know that not posting for ten days is a cause for concern! I appreciate the caring notes from those who have taken the time to send a personal email wondering if everything is alright.

My reason for not posting? Life! We left for Edmonton on Thanksgiving Monday. Colin needed another MRI and we decided to just “run up to Edmonton” for the test instead of waiting indefinitely for the same test in Saskatchewan. It’s about a 10 hour drive and I could hardly believe how exhausted I was when we got back on Wednesday night (and I didn’t even do the driving!). On Thursday I was out with a major migraine. I clawed my way back to reality on Friday to prepare for the “Intro to Digital Photography” workshop I had committed to teach for our Camera Club on Saturday. Sunday was another write off with a second migraine. One year ago last weekend I ended up in the hospital with such a migraine, but this year I fought hard not to tax the local medical system…

When I didn’t live in a darkened room, or was preparing handouts for the workshop last week I put my energy into completing a couple of submissions for our Annual Art Guild Exhibition. We usually don’t have to get the work completed till November, this year we are slotted for two full months at the gallery and the deadline approached much too fast!

Today I made pictures of the textile piece I am entering. I am also submitting a photographic triptych, in a way a metaphor to tell the story of my life over the past year… The images are in today’s slideshow. I hope you can see the progression.

One would think that photography is easy to enter into an exhibition. I didn’t find this at all this year. As with any art project, I first I had the idea, I made the images before we left for Edmonton. I found a frame I felt will support the concept… My friendly printer successfully printed the images and I was very pleased when I picked them up. However, the frame has given us nothing but grief. I knew I would have to alter it a little and Colin was a great help with figuring things out… I could elaborate further but let it suffice to say: Three minds have been spending much time on solving the hanging issue – I will know later today if it works. šŸ˜‰

I am working on the artist statements right now but when another email arrived checking in to inquire whether everything is OK here I decided to give a life sign. Sorry I have not attended to the blog for 10 days… My promise to you: I will be posting regularly again starting today!

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9 thoughts on “Life Sign!

  1. paige04 on said:

    Sometimes our lives get so busy we forget. Thanks goodness others who maybe having a lull in theirs keep us on our toes….. Enjoy your course


  2. paulajolly on said:

    I’m glad you drove to Edmonton for Colin’s MRI. I’m hoping some decisions towards his health will be made soon. It takes a toll on both of you! Take care.


  3. Glad to know you are both ok. Called Gill and she filled me in about your trip to Edmon and keeping the dogs. Keep us posted about Colin and results. Thinking of you both. Leona


  4. quiltrod on said:

    Good to have you back Anna. Looking forward to the Art Guild Show.


  5. Laurie J. Buck on said:


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