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So little time…

autumn-leaf…so many interests! November is progressing quickly and I realize that we are soon going to witness the closing of another year. For now I am working hard on staying in the moment and my daily walks help very much.

What am I up to in the studio? I am pulling together the final information for Art Quilt Campus 2017. Information will go out by the end of the coming week and last year’s attendees will get first dibs. By January 1st, 2017 the remaining spots will be offered to potential “newbies”. Stay tuned!

This week was filled with some great news, my niece in Germany had her first baby. After six years of waiting and several failed IVF attempts she has a healthy little girl. This prompted me to check into using some of my Airmiles that will otherwise expire at the end of this year… Somehow things are meant to work out: I found a flight with dates that will be optimal. I am flying to Germany on November 12th to spend time with family and hold that new grand-niece. Her name is Anni (but not named after me). My niece can use some help. Her husband works long hours and she has had a bit a of a rough time after giving birth. The rest of the family is all busy with demanding jobs as well, so this is the one time where I am not bogged down with teaching… I will use it cuddling and helping out in general.

I have started packing (in my head!): Besides the camera I am bringing some drawing supplies and reading… the unpredictable weather at this time of the year will make my clothes selection more difficult. Good thing I don’t have unlimited time to make decisions… layers will be the answer.

The sunshine is calling – hope your Sunday is filled with warmth and sunshine as well, wherever you are. Saskatchewan does not have daylight savings, so it is business as usual – but the rest of Canada just gained back that hour they sacrificed in the spring.  What will you do with that found time? Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “So little time…

  1. Laurie J. Buck on said:

    in my case, so many projects I want to work on, and an inability to work on them simultaneously! 🙂



  2. paige04 on said:

    What a great opportunity to travel for fun. All your mothering skills will be put to good use, I am sure. I am sure that you will have time to take some of your marvelous photos. Looking forward to seeing evidence of your next adventure.


  3. Have a wonderful time in Germany. I know how you feel about so little time, so many interests. It seems difficult to settle in to one project without feeling the pull of many others.


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