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Scuttle Butt Lodge Stranded…

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After a couple of posts that required deep reflection and remembering the serious matters of life it’s time for something on the lighter side…

My last walk close to home yesterday (I am boarding the plane to Germany today) was memorable. The lake was glorious, and I don’t recall that I have seen Buffalo Pound Lake without snow, thick ice or ice forming on November 11th since we moved there. Who could resist hiking into the hills behind our house and walk across the crest all the way into the neighboring community, about 5 km?

I am not sure how much of a work out I had because I stopped often to crouch down to frame a weed or plant along the path less traveled.  Once back on the paved road I could not help but stop by the boat launch area at Loney’s Beach. There was a car with trailer parked, a sure sign that someone had taken their boat out for an excursion. Now that is definitely something I had never come across on Remembrance Day of any other year!

In a quiet cove near the boat launch I discovered some steel rods. These usually hold the water supply pipes in place during the summer. Here they were, perfectly illuminated and reminding me of what day it was.

As I was making my way back to the road I had to smile: There was one lonely ice shack (yes, a converted camping trailer) in the parking lot awaiting snow and ice strong enough to find the best spot on the lake, drill holes and start casting the fishing line. For now, Scuttle Butt Lodge is stranded. The sun continues to shine but my suitcase contains some winter clothes… the temperatures in Germany are hovering closer to the freezing mark. I see it as good practice for when I get back…

Signing off for today. May your day be filled with sunshine, wherever you are!

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3 thoughts on “Scuttle Butt Lodge Stranded…

  1. quiltrod on said:

    Safe travels Anna!


  2. buck.laurie on said:

    have a great trip! how long will you be gone?


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