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Stumbling Upon a Longstanding European Art Project

stolpersteineI am not certain if you noticed this image in my Bad Bertrich post on my travel blog a couple of days ago. I literally stumbled upon these commemorative stones in the cobble stone street.

To my embarrassment, I had never noticed anything like it during numerous visits to Germany. I talked with my niece about this “find” and she informed me that these stones are called “Stolpersteine” (Stumbling Stones) and that they are found across Europe.

Artist Gunter Demnig created and placed the first Stolperstein in 1992 in Cologne. Stolpersteine are embedded in the street in front of the last chosen home of a Jewish person. Here is a link to the story and background of these stones.

I know I will be walking with my eyes wide open to see and remember those who fell victim to a regime that caused indescribable horror and pain.

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5 thoughts on “Stumbling Upon a Longstanding European Art Project

  1. Evelyn Schmaltz on said:

    I read the post on the commemorative stones and read the story and background. What a good way to remember the people who lived in the area and were subjected to such a horrible death at the hands of such monsters. It was interesting to read of the American connection to this shameful time. Evelyn Schmaltz

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  2. Kathy Strawson on said:

    how incredibly beautiful and touching in the face of such a horrific place in history. Thank you so much for sharing.


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