Anna Hergert, Art & Design

Chasing St. Nikolaus…


…through the Remagen St. Nikolaus and Medieval Markets.

December 3rd was a bitter sweet day: It was time to say good bye to various family members and the sights I had explored for three weeks. The weather was grey, damp, foggy – it was what Germans call “sau kalt”… Let’s just translate this as “extremely cold”. 😉

My sister was busy working a booth at the St. Nikolaus Market for her employer who uses this venue as a way to advertise the local assisted living senior’s home. I was on my own but I didn’t mind. Nobody would impatiently tap their toes while I was adjusting my camera lens to compose the desired image.

I invite you to join me on my last excursion in Germany (here is the link). I hope it inspires you to slow down and focus on the love and warmth Christmas is meant to reflect. Happy Holidays!


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