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A Christmas Gift…


Wishing everyone who comes upon my blog today a Merry Christmas. May you be surrounded by loved ones, friends and neighbours!

This marks a little more than 5 years of blogging with WordPress, and I ask myself so often “Where did the time go?”. Blogging is a great way to reflect and watch one’s own progress. I have learned so much and your feedback is always encouraged and welcome. I am grateful for everyone’s support.

Many of you may recall a trip to Ontario for a total immersion in Miksang photography in late October. I think I also briefly mentioned that we tried our hand at Haiku, something completely new to me. While our instructor assured me that combining Miksang images with Haiku is usually not successful I have found walking, making Miksang photographs and composing one or more Haiku while I explore nature, has become a daily habit.


On November 1st I launched my new free blog “Miksang & Haiku” with WordPress. At first I was just trying to keep tabs on how long I can sustain my new daily contemplative art practice. I am nearing the 60th post and today I share this site with you in the Christmas Spirit. Have a look, like the posts that speak to you and consider following my newest site. Remember, it’s a gift, feel free to share and send feedback anytime! Here is the link.

Happy Holidays!

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9 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift…

  1. Oh Anna loved to see all the posting on Miksang and Haiku blog. All so very well thought out and clear pics. You do have an eye (artists eyes always win out) to catch the essence of the moment. Thanks
    Also I will be sending my registration for the summer campus. I have misplaced the paperwork but Barb is sending me it on line. Keep a place for me and Gill says there is one single room left and if so please keep aside for me.
    Have a joyful and very improved New Year. Leona


  2. paige04 on said:

    Merry Christmas from the sunny Okanagan… We are spending a quiet day as the children are with their other families this year. Enjoy your day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Susan Mooney on said:

    Thank you Anna for sharing your Miksang & Haiku blog. Haiku is one form that has always spoken to me and your combination of this and your fabulous photos is a wonderful gift!


  4. Merry Christmas Anna and Colin!


  5. quiltrod on said:

    I loved the pictures of old St. Nikolaus in your last posting. A memory from my childhood that I try to hang on to. Merry Christmas to you and Colin and all the very best of health and happiness in 2017 Anna.


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