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To Capture Every Good Moment


That is my motto for 2017. Happy New Year! I trust you started this year with hopes, dreams and expectations and perhaps some resolutions…?

Colin discovered that he had another birthday present for me… but it was so well hidden that he didn’t discover till this afternoon. I love this glass lined golden jar and I have the perfect use for it:

A while ago I read about someone writing down those extra special moments experienced throughout the year, date them and place them into an envelope or jar. I think this will be my special moments jar. One reads over the special moments captured in word at the end of each year and remembers with them with fondness. I imagine that reading them over during darker days will also produce a smile and happy thoughts… Each year these moments are either sealed in an envelope and stowed away or burned. I will give it a try this year. Today was filled a a couple of great things already. I can see it will be a busy year for writing…

I am just back from my New Year’s Day walk in -18 C weather. The cold I barely felt, what I realized was the silence and peace all around. Yes, there was the occasional snowmobile passing but the while snow drowned out all other noise. I love these quiet moments. My thoughts can roam free and I come up with wonderful ideas, even a Haiku and when my eyes discover a special detail like this my day is bound to be a great one!


A couple of quotes by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe came to mind: It is after all the greatest art to limit and isolate oneself.   and  Let him who believes in immortality enjoy his happiness in silence; he has no reason to give himself airs about it.

Do you have any special plans, goals or resolutions for 2017? Share in the comment section below! I am always interested in your activities!

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