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January- A Time to Regroup


Looking at the calendar I can hardly believe that we have witnessed 10 days of 2017 already. And what a time we are having! As a Canadian I am not referring to the political happenings south of the 49th parallel – I couldn’t possibly!…

January has settled in with a severe cold spell, the weather app on my iPhone keeps telling me that we have severe cold weather conditions with a high windchill factor. But I don’t need these little buzzers go off in my pocket, all I have to do is step outside. It really is cold, so cold in fact that it takes your breath away.  In one word: Horrible!!!

Long, daily walks are on hold right now as I cannot possibly bundle up with enough clothes. Instead I am spending some time in studio, time without deadlines, specific goals or outside obligations. I have to admit that I really like this state of flux.

I have not been idle, several home decor items were created and sent to my god-daughter  and my sister in Germany. I am working on a light summer quilt for little Anni but there is no pressure to get it completed anytime soon. I am also journaling daily and am revisiting daily meditation sessions while sorting images and poems or my Miksang & Haiku blog. So far – so good.

A while back I had made the decision to devote much time to learning this year. I signed up for a couple of online sessions to learn a Mac based photo processing programme just in case the Photoshop 6 version suddenly is no longer supported. I had some nasty surprises late last year where the downloader in Adobe Bridge no longer worked. A phone call to Adobe yielded the following answer: “We offer the up-to-date version on a subscription basis for US $ 15 per month.” I am just not willing to spend that kind of money at this time.

Speaking of learning and saving money. I came upon a new online learning site that is great. It offers courses in a variety of languages and topics. Udemy is my new go to site for specialized learning. I used to really like and support CreativeLive but their prices for courses and the difficulty streaming videos vital to learning a new skill left a lot to be desired due to our poor satellite internet connection. In contrast, Udemy is much more accessible and many of the courses are favourably priced and appeal to those of us on a budget.

January also marks the time I tally registration numbers for the annual Art Quilt Campus in August. Registrations were a bit sluggish at first but I am very excited to report that Week 1 is fully subscribed. Week 2 has a few spots open, so if you are interested visit the Art Quilt Campus page on the blog or click here for more info. Dates and the registration info are supplied. A downloadable PDF document is provided for your convenience.

Art Quilt Campus will be my only venue for teaching in 2017. I have decided to take a sabbatical from traveling and teaching this year. The past 18 months can be compared to an unpredictable and extreme roller coaster ride. Managing and fulfilling previously negotiated and signed contracts with a husband who at times was unable to drive, and was kept in limbo regarding medical decisions, as well as the attempt to sell our house with studio have taken a toll on me. Colin has had his much needed surgery just prior to Christmas and we are waiting for the report from the cardiologist. Thank you to those who sent kind messages of support!

It’s time for some self-care and that is why I have scaled back on the teaching front. I apologize to those who have inquired about teaching for 2017. I will consider setting dates for 2018 later this year.

Our home with studio is still for sale. We have taken it off the official listing site for now but if you know of someone who might be interested in having a look, feel free to forward this link to them. We welcome questions and would be happy to organize a showing.

It’s time to finish for today. My sewing machine is calling and I am fighting the urge to embark on a walk because the sun is out and the shadows are amazing… enjoy your day!

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8 thoughts on “January- A Time to Regroup

  1. carolewles on said:

    Hi Anna – I’m so glad to hear that Colin has had his surgery and hopefully things are going well. I have thought about him many times over the past months and hoped the surgery wouldn’t be cancelled again. It can only get better from here on. I’m getting lots of creative time in during this cold spell, and looking forward to AQC once again.


    • Thanks for your note, Carol! So good to hear from you – I knew you would utilize this crazy cold spell to engage creatively! As far as January in Saskatchewan is concerned: It is THE best time to fondle fabric and threads and create something magical!


  2. Jody Lund on said:

    Happy New Year Anna! I hope Colin’s health issues are well on the way to being resolved and that you enjoy your restful 2017!

    Thank you for your updates via your blog. We are having the cold here on the Sunshine Coast too and i wish i could stay home and work in my studio instead of being out the door and off to work 🙂 One day, that too will change for the better.

    In the meantime, know you are loved and appreciated. Hugs!


  3. Happy New Year! I hope you find 2017 refreshing. By the way, keep warm; here in Alberta we have been hunkered down as well against the cold….can’t wait until spring arrives.


  4. Anna, I could read whatever it is you write and be thoroughly captivated! This post was no exception.
    On to check out the Art Quilt Campus info – came close to signing up a few years ago; perhaps my confidence has grown since then.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.
      Art Quilt Campus is a great way to connect with like-minded people! And a very supportive environment where ideas and possibilities are explored with opportunities for feedback from the facilitator AND other participants… I do believe it is this safe environment that makes for so many participants returning.


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