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Leaving Blue Monday Behind


I understand that it was Blue Monday yesterday. Apparently it is the day where reality hits hard: The bills from Christmas start to arrive (none here), one realizes that the New Year’s resolutions set on Dec. 31st have not become a primary focus yet (not an issue here as I don’t make resolutions like that anymore), the winter weather lacks sunshine and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors (also not an issue for me), in general life appears to become overwhelming and it is only a little over two weeks into a new year. I can honestly say, that none of these apply to me (at least not this year!) as I have returned to eating clean, spending time in the studio engaging in some low level creative endeavors and am keeping moderately active.

What concerns me, and many of my friends around the world, is a major event taking place in just a few days, the President Elect will be sworn in. Many of us are wondering what might be ahead, and the speculation is lively with the ongoing banter between two major world players. The feeling of uncertainty and unpredictability has the world in an icy grip and a virtual state of holding its breath.

The concerns were already grave when I spent time in Germany shortly after the US election last November. These days I know that everyone’s guard is up in part due to poorly informed, personal opinions voiced by Mr. Trump further reinforced by recent interviews conducted by reputable German newspapers. These reports have heightened everyone’s concerns. I don’t usually engage in voicing my political views, however these are not times we can stick our heads into the sand and play ostrich. It is up to all of us to be not only careful observers but also vigilant and outspoken about the many non-truths spread via Twitter and other social media. It is vital to maintain a clear head to evaluate statements and watch for injustice.

I tip my hat to the countless women who have banded together to participate in the protest walk on Washington on January 21st. I know that several such walks are being organized in cities outside the USA. Show your support by joining in, whether you own and wear a pink hat or not! I will supporting this event in spirit in hopes for change.

At this time I realize that some readers/followers of this blog are staunch Trumpkins and the result will be a decline in official followers. So be it! I am tired of listening and watching a man who uses vocabulary incorrectly. Syrian Refugees in Germany are NOT “Illegals”.

I am practicing freedom of speech today, a passionate fire ignited by following the developments world-wide. While I anticipate that we are in for some turbulent times I hope in my heart that I am wrong. I am Canadian and so very proud of my citizenship, especially these days! I also feel it is important to support my international friends by speaking out!

Today I started out with the intent to write about some new personal creative endeavors in the studio… Instead I engaged in a stream of consciousness essay. It took on a life of its own and reflects my personal views and impressions – we are still all entitled to that. Thanks for sticking through my rant. I consider writing one of my creative outlets… this piece spilled over from my journal.

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19 thoughts on “Leaving Blue Monday Behind

  1. Nan Williams on said:

    Good for you, Anna. I couldn’t agree more.


  2. Judith K.H. on said:

    Anna good for you for expressing these thoughts,and for taking this stand. What we are witnessing in USA political events right now seems almost inconceivable to me after more than thirty years of personal and professional involvement in issues of girls and women’s equality and rights. That so many are engaging in the upcoming pink hat march is heartening, but the necessity for it is what is so discouraging. I too, join in spirit with this initiative, hoping the outcomes will be worth the efforts and that all women marching everywhere in the cause of humanity and equality will be safe and indeed empowered.

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  3. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    Thanks for your thoughtful blog. You know how anxious I about the negative change that is coming. I will be participating in the Edmonton march. For other ideas on how we can work together as women I encourage women to check out the item on The Sunday Edition CBC Jan 15. There are two links within that item for women who are looking for ideas on how to counter what is happening. and


  4. Brenda on said:

    Well said, Anna. We can no longer afford to be silent when such hatred is spoken. I will think of the women marching in Washington, and voice my values in my community. Women stitch and solve problems together. Thank you for speaking up. Brenda


  5. snicklefritzin43 on said:

    Thank you for writing and speaking from your heart; so much unknown, so much unpleasant and downright horrible all around us. Finding ways to make a change in our journey to be what we desire the world to be…a slow walk, but so worthwhile.


  6. Johanna Alford on said:

    Very well said Anna. Many people the world over including the US are waiting and watching. But I suspect watching will not be enough as the time will come to unite and raise our voices loud and clear.

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  7. Thank you for speaking. Keep your eye on the USA and send your prayers. We do not know what to expect…. Hope Congress gets a grip and realizes we didn’t vote for him but sure can vote them out. All American..P and part Canadian


  8. Jody Lund on said:

    Thanks for taking a stand Anna.
    I am thinking of taking part in the march that is taking place in Vancouver on Saturday. I don’t have time to get a pink hat together but my body and soul will be there.
    We are indeed in scary times.


  9. I’m with you, Anna!



  10. Alice, my thoughts are with you and all my friends south of the 49th parallel. Let’s stand united in our beliefs! I will watch the developments with interest!


  11. Alice Brody on said:

    Good for you Anna. Scary times, indeed. It’s still hard to believe we’ll have to face him for at least four years.

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