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Mid-February Musings…


It’s the time of year where the general perception that there exists less colour outside for us to see. I happen to disagree and here is why: I just started an online Level 1 Miksang photography course and when I read the instructions for this week my hear sank… at first.

After the initial hesitation and worry I decided to see what I could find outside. I grabbed my iPhone, bundled up and started heading down the road along the lake. It’s amazing the amount of colour making its presence known when one sets out with an open mind and fresh eyes. The revelation: There is no lack of colour. Looking at road signs reminding drivers to slow down for children playing next to the road to red, blue and green cars, to coloured tarps covering boats and Seadoos… to colour blocked motifs on signs and the blue sky overhead. I managed a two hour walk and am ready to set out again tomorrow.

The image of the wild cucumber seedpod above does not fit this week’s brief presented for the course but I wanted to share it anyways. All through the fall and winter I have passed this vine as it deteriorated continually due to repeated snow events and the relentless wind. There is something so artful about this natural subject. I love the spikes covering the paper thin seed pod, the leaves brittle and curled up, in a way imitating the curled vines reminiscent of grape vines. These seed pods are not even 2″ long but they have kept me entertained during my (almost) daily excursions.

I realize I have been absent from the blog for a while. But life in the studio goes on: I pulled out a small challenge piece for the Art Quilt Campus group. The theme is “water” and since I have been working with that particular theme for years I found it came together in a reasonable amount of time with materials I had on hand. Sorry, no pictures as it is a group project and we agreed not to publish images till after the deadline at the end of March. Let it suffice to say that I managed to create a conceptual piece that I am very satisfied with. My vision materialized!

When I am not in the studio I try to spend some time walking and exercising in general. It’s one way to beat the mid-winter blahs… or blues… whichever term you subscribe to. It’s helping. Coupled with time for tea and reading some new books I feel as if I am on holiday. Who needs the beach? Just kidding, but I have never been on a winter beach vacation so I don’t know what I am missing… speaking of relaxing: It’s time for tea and the book I am reading for the Saskatchewan Festival of Words.


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4 thoughts on “Mid-February Musings…

  1. Pat Hoyer on said:

    Instead of thinking of winter as an enemy, we can think of it as an opportunity to have a personal retreat–slow down, relax, read, wander, take time to discover and to think and dream.

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    • Indeed Pat – in Canada, especially on the prairies, we have to embrace winter. To view this season as an enemy would be a complete waste of precious energy as we cannot avoid it, extreme cold and all. 😉


  2. carolewles on said:

    Thanks so much for sharing this picture. I always find seed pods interesting and I usually find inspiration as well. I love to thread paint them when I find a really interesting photo.

    Liked by 1 person

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