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Assembling the Pieces that Spell Life


Now, that’s a bit of a heavy heading for an ordinary post. Please don’t panic – Everything is fine!!!

For days I have been yearning to update my various blogs. I started yesterday with the blog that advertises our house. Yes, we followed through and listed the house a little earlier this year. We have had some inquiries by phone and several slow drive-bys with people hanging out of the car window to make photos of the house and studio… The last two weeks were filled with general clean up and tidy up chores to create clean lines by removing any personal items from the house. The studio is back to uncluttered surfaces as well. That always evokes a sense of “new beginning” in me. I often clear off all the “stuff” and creative urges emerge to conjure up new work.

Yesterday that “new beginning” was to follow through on a plan to edit a drone video our friend created last fall. The basic video has been sitting on my virtual desk top since last October reminding me to “get to it”. As it turns out: The Property Fly Over video became a real challenge. I have created videos in the past but iMovie has a habit of constantly reinventing itself… and I am not up-to-date with the newest incarnation, so this became a real labour of love! I was unable to cut anything from the original video despite various mouse clicks and frustration that made the steam escape from my ears (yes, it’s a hilarious image… keep it to yourself, please!). I opted to add a few captions and some energetic music, reduced the size and finally uploaded it just prior to midnight. The video link is on the website, but if you want to head straight to YouTube, click here.

Please help us promote the sale of our house and studio! We really appreciate it!

With the house and studio on the market I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. It’s interesting how these days I regularly stop and rethink what my priorities are. The newest issue of Happinez Magazine arrived last week and it always triggers this strong desire to step back from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day demands and slow down. It’s my personal reminder to practice mindfulness and not live so hurried and fragmented. Just like a good book with poignant chapters each Happinez issue brings with it articles on how to embrace the moment. Without sounding too “out there”: This magazine feeds my soul…

Finally today my desire to return to daily journaling was rekindled. I prefer to use my fountain pen and a favourite bound journal to bring my ideas and thoughts to the surface and follow through on them. Journaling fell short over the past six weeks, partially due to keeping some time open to provide input on my Kantha Book manuscript. The galleys were sent to me last weekend and my initial hard work and careful proofing paid off. I only spent about 6 hours total on checking content and suggestions from the editor to ensure that the information flows. Some of you might think that this was exciting… but to tell the truth, it didn’t look much different from the manuscript that I submitted. Formatting was part of the document I sent off mid-July 2016. I was informed that I can expect the proof with images inserted by the end of March. I am blocking off time on the calendar now so that I don’t scramble for time. 😉

Since I “preach” creativity and strive for creative daily acts this post would not be complete if I didn’t tell you about my on-line Nalanda Miksang Level 1 course. After meeting John McQuade at Haliburton last October I have kept up with making images daily and even creating a Haiku each day. My Miksang&Haiku blog is going strong. However, I realized that I lack the actual foundation of Miksang, John was concentrating more on Level 2 concepts last year and although I read his books (several times already) nothing is as valuable as pertinent feedback on an image made to meet a specific theme. A photography friend and I are currently working through week three of Level 1 and are learning with each click and image. With spring just around the corner I look forward to sharing more of my contemplative images as I return to a regular blogging routine.

This post has turned out longer than envisioned. I will sign off for today. Share your creative endeavours in a comment below. I am always interested!

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