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Art Quilt Campus Anticipation


Images: Carol and Lynn collaborating and the dye room after a 24 step colourwheel dye run.

In five months I will be in the midst of packing up last minute items for Art Quilt Campus 2017. Over the past week I have had texts and personal emails from participants as to how much they are looking forward to the event. It always makes my heart sing when these notes arrive as it reminds me to look forward to this annual gathering of wonderful people.

I also get emails off and on from those who are “putting Art Quilt Campus on their bucket list”… some are waiting to feel more confident, others are waiting to further hone their skills so they don’t feel left out or behind.

When a note from Marilyn arrived this week I knew that the way she described her experience from 2013 it had to be shared: …“You have taught, inspired and stimulated me for a long time now Anna. I remember well my first Art Quilt Campus  how nervous and out of my depth I felt. I was older and a total neophyte in the world of art quilting. I knew so little and  everyone else  seemed to know so much. I had only really started testing the waters of art quilting  in 2010 and coming from a background where I did not even remember colouring with crayons as a child, you can imagine how I felt at my first AQC, a fish out of water. I remember how apologetic I felt showing what I thought were my really pathetic pieces, compared to everybody else. But you Anna and the other participants were so supportive and helpful without being judgemental. I left that year feeling so buoyed up and inspired, perhaps I am not so bad, I remember thinking.”

Thank you, Marilyn! The best endorsement is an honest testimonial and I don’t think I could have expressed the Art Quilt Campus experience with more passion if I had to. For those still waiting to sign up or hesitant as to whether their skill level is up to the rest of the group Marilyn’s words should have put any doubt and insecurity out of your mind. Remember, Art Quilt Campus is participant driven – it is not a workshop. I describe it as “guided studio”.

There are three spots left for the week of August 27th through Sept. 2nd, 2017. For images, more info about previous years and the registration form click here.

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