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This Weekend…

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What do blow in attic insulation and bulging book shelves have in common? They both constitute my focus for this weekend.

For weeks we have tried to hire someone to add insulation to the attic of our house (apparently R-50 is the recommendation in this province – we are only at R-22). With phone calls and requests for estimates gone completely ignored we called the local home improvement center and within 24 hours have the insulation blower and 23 bats sitting on our front porch. This will be our job tomorrow.

Meanwhile I am sorting the studio. I have procrastinated long enough, it’s time to prepare a mega sale of my art and textile related books, many barely opened. Before we moved here I panicked about living in the country and not around the corner from a well-stocked library. I went a little crazy with moving my entire library and over the past ten years have augmented the existing stock.  My heart aches but I know that I will not ever have a studio like this one, so the books have to go.

Not only am I offering my books (many of them out of print!)  at fair prices I will also accept reasonable offers on approximately 100 art pieces (the final count is still not quite set) created from 2005 to now.

I don’t have a huge fabric stash but what I have will also be culled… can’t make any definite projections of what and how much fabric will be offered at this time.

Right now I am sorting, stacking books on tables and trying to determine the exact date of my studio moving sale.

Stay tuned and check back as I will be posting the dates of the sale within the next few days!

Enjoy your weekend!

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6 thoughts on “This Weekend…

  1. Linda Schmidt on said:

    I feel your pain Anna. It is so hard to part with the possessions that we worked so long to accumulate. I’ll be watching what you have to offer.


    • Possessions are asier to cull for me – but books are my passion… when we moved here I had 100 xerox paper boxes of books… I sorted two shelves today and four tables are bowing – ten more shelves to go. With that many books I will not be listing them on line. 😉


  2. Sure wish I lived closer to get a peek when you start selling your art pieces, fabrics and more….!


    • Wish you lived closer too, Vivian. I will not be listing all the books on line unfortunately – there are simply too many and I don’t have the time. Art work is different – I might post a few pieces on line. However, shipping is expensive…. even within Canada.


  3. Thanks, Paige. As much fun as one can have blowing itchy fiberglass insulation into an attic space. The book sorting is slow – I am finding all kinds of treasures and books that have been out of print for year. Hopefully they will find a new home where they are treasured.


  4. paige04 on said:

    OMGosh… What a task. Passing on our possessions is a very hard thing to do. I am sure that those lucky enough to get a few of your books will be happy We too had a hard time getting someone to blow in insulation. It made a huge difference in the heating bill. Good luck with your weekend!


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