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Giant Studio Sale!!!

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The week has been spent focused on sorting, relocating books from the library to the actual studio space and then selecting art quilts and framed mixed media art work. I can’t believe that it is Thursday already.

Tomorrow the studio doors open for the first time in nearly two years. In the past I offered the space to graduating students (those who participated in my art and design classes as well as the local art guild).

This time the doors open for a  different objective: We are planning on selling our house and since we are not certain about where and how large our next place will be I am drastically reducing everything in the studio.

On offer are 700 + books (and again as many magazines) covering topics from quilting, art quilts, mixed media, book making, embroidery, felting, knitting, spinning, drawing and painting, art history, textile history, travel and even some of my beloved cook books…

I have also ventured into the art work section in the studio mezzanine and despite the emotional attachment have selected over 80 art quilts and mixed media pieces for this sale.

In addition I am selling off some equipment: From sewing machine to rolling office chairs to my apartment sized washing machine (used only about a dozen times to rinse dyed pieces of fabric) and a folding sewing table – everything is slated to go. No reasonable offer will be refused.

My Buffalo Pound Lake, SK studio space is not large and I decided to invite my guild and former art and design students to peruse the offerings. After this weekend I will post dates and times when I am open to the general public in case any of my readers here are interested in owning a reference book or two or even a piece of my original art.

The pricing is fair: Magazines are $ .50 each, books are half off the lowest marked price on the book (and if that is the US price, so be it). Art works are all priced and I am asking for 50 % of the price posted on each work.

Back to the studio – I still have to empty the sewing table/cupboard and sweep the floor!

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11 thoughts on “Giant Studio Sale!!!

  1. Marilyn on said:

    Hi Anna, I wish you a very successful sale. I can imagine it must be quite bittersweet to have to part with so many treasures.

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    • Thank you, Marilyn. Actually, I have been preparing for this mentally for some time. This is a good time to part with my work and the books. Clearing shelf space and storage space makes room for new endeavours…


  2. Dorothy M on said:

    Hello Anna, I hope you have a very successful sale. Regrettably, I am unable to come as we are just on our way home from vacation and have have now been delayed overnight; then on our return home, we are likely headed up to Edmonton to visit a very sick cousin. It sounds like you has been working very hard to prepare your library etc as well as the house. Do hope you receive a successful offer on your home this spring. It looks very attractive in the photos. Dorothy M.

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  3. Kathy Strawson on said:

    You have a wonderful collection of works that would be the prize of any collector. Best of luck with the whole down-sizing and sale. It is all of us eventually. I see a road trip in my future.


    • Don’t wait too long… I am not planning on dragging this sale on. Right now I want to wrap it all up by the end of April so I concentrate on other endeavours, the house and yard.


  4. Elinor Burwash Designs on said:

    I wish I had a button on the dash of my car that I could say Buffalo Pound – Anna’s studio and push it and be in your driveway tomorrow. I am green and fortunately it is a colour that becomes me well. To success with the sale. Elinor


  5. Where can I see the selection of art quilts you have for sale? Your website? I live too far away to visit in person so soon!


    • Hi Vivian, I had a website with gallery for 15 years – after little interest I decided to dissolve it last fall. Few sales were generated from the gallery I kept updated all the time. I have not transferred images of my work to this site. I will wait and see how well the sale is received, then I might go ahead and put up images of the work I am selling. I would have to make new images of the work and that takes some time. Stay tuned to this site and I will provide more details. This is the first time I am opening the studio with the sole focus on my work and other studio items I am selling…


      • I’m sure your sale will be such a success you won’t need to upload images to this site. Good luck to you – with the studio sale of your art, your books and tables, and especially the house!
        I follow your blog so I will know if and when you decide to post images, thank you. 😊


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