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Calling on Canadian Quilters

May 2

I realize spring is a busy time – yes, I also know I haven’t posted in a long time. With winding down my Open Studios (thank you to the very few people who stopped by and took advantage of the great deals offered!) I am immersed in further purging.

I also just hosted an Ontario teacher for the past week and am now trying to meet a May 16th deadline for a Kantha project and article for Stitch UK Magazine to help promote my new Kantha book coming out in August.

I admit, I am running out of time a lot these days. I also ran out of time to submit to the World Quilt New England competition. The deadline for submission is May 15th. I just heard from the coordinator Debbie Mcleod and am dismayed at the very low interest in participation from Canadian quilters. Rest assured, you do not have to do your own shipping and customs clearance. All that is done by Debbie. Last year’s participants were thrilled I provided the info and I had excellent feedback.

I believe I have mentioned it before: Mancuso is a stellar organization. Not only do they treat their teachers and judges with respect and ensure their comfort during the grueling hours of judging and teaching, they really care about the important stuff: YOUR QUILT ENTRIES! At one time I had a quilt touring with them for a year. It arrived home like new and I am still getting inquiries from people who saw it around the US. Each quilt is carefully handled and packed from venue to venue. I have been part of the take down team a couple of times and am still in awe.

As it stands right now, Canada does not have enough entries to be considered for the Best of Country prize. Really? Yes, really! I would imagine that there are 10 quilters in this country that would be interested in entering. Please have a look at your creations from the past couple of years and consider contacting Debbie with your entry! Here is the link once more – don’t hesitate, don’t procrastinate – just do it! Let’s show the world what Canada does!

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