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After Play Comes Work and More Work…


I am sure you are wondering if I am ever coming back to regular blogging with perhaps some “substance”… ? Well, here I am – back from a hiatus that was anything but slow and relaxing.

Last weekend was packed with a Miksang Photography workshop and hosting the out-of-town teacher. Long hours in class were followed by cooking and playing hostess as well as tour guide around this area of south-central Saskatchewan. Once I dropped the instructor off after a week with us I turned my full attention back to several deadlines.

Just a few days prior to the arrival of the photography teacher I was contacted by Stitch UK to submit an article about Kantha and a project to help promote the upcoming release of “Inspiration Kantha”. I had hoped to use one of the projects from the book but when I didn’t hear back from the publisher in time I decided to just plunge in and create a brand new project. Here is a glimpse of the new project bag I created:


This on-the-go project bag measures 13″ x 8″ and features… Kantha! It has taken up every spare minute for the past week (yes, I stitched late into the night even while hosting our guest). I had agreed to writing the article before I was fully aware of the deadline… and then I was informed that I have to send the finished project to England for photography. Well, my self-imposed deadline was May 16th and I made it with time to spare.

Although these days I am not sure how much time I have to spare. For now I feel I have to make up for the time spent in the photography workshop. My studio looks like a bomb exploded – and it isn’t one of those creativity bombs I am quite familiar with. I still have stacks of books piled high on tables. I am sorting (ever so slowly) to donate the books to various groups that might benefit from them. And then there is the art work that is piled high… but the art wok I can roll up and perhaps move into storage.

Where I need to figure things out is with the furniture and larger items that are left. My nearly new computer desk is on offer… One of the things I was most surprised about was the lack of interest in the apartment sized washing machine I had originally purchased for dyeing. After I bought it I found out that it is one of the best little machines one can own for dyeing (an hard to come by in parts of North America). It is a Danby Twin Tub Washing Machine with its own spinner compartment. I have used it about 10 times in total and it looks like new.

Here is a slideshow of the machine:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I paid just over Can. $ 800 (tax in) for the machine. I am asking Can. $ 400 (or your best offer) for it. I would love to keep it but am not sure where we will end up and how much studio space I have in the future. Please email me if you are interested in the machine

Well, that’s all I wanted to share today. Wishing you a fabulous Sunday. Celebrate Mother’s Day if you are fortunate to be a mom and keep smiling… it’s spring! Found these blossoms for you today. Aren’t they just glorious?




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7 thoughts on “After Play Comes Work and More Work…

  1. cathy kieffer on said:

    Happy Mother’s Day to one of the most inspiring women I know. May the wave of creativity continue in your future!!
    Cathy Kieffer

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  2. quiltmaze on said:

    Thanks for the lovely flowers too.


  3. quiltmaze on said:

    Hi, Anna. I understand about downsizing but until you end up in your next place, don’t be so hasty. You may regret it! I was wondering if you have listed your art works that are for sale on a website? I would love to peruse them to see if there is one I could grace my home with! As for your furniture and book, sorry I’m already at my max!


    • Thanks for the words of caution, Bonnie. This is not a hasty decision on our part… we have been working toward this for nearly two years now and t is time to free myself of the things that I am not willing to pay for to move or to store for an indefinite amount of time.
      I have a number of art pieces, but until I can clear the space where the book piles are I cannot rephotograph the art pieces I have left. I used to pay for a website where my gallery was displaying art works from 2003 onward. The high cost to maintain this site and the general lack of interest in my work (I sold three pieces online in 10 years…) had me cancel the website last November.
      Thanks for the reminder to post my art pieces – I will strive to do so when I have cleared the remnants of the sale. πŸ˜‰


  4. Thank you, Judith! I will try to make it out to walk later – but my first priority is the studio. I have to find some order under the piles of art and books. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your Mother’s Day Sunday!


  5. Judith KH on said:

    Mother’s Day Greetings to you, Anna, and thank you for the lovely bouquet above which seems to be bursting out of my computer screen it is so close and life-like. May you be warmed by the sun,rising temperatures, and early blooms unfolding before your eyes and the eye of your camera, perhaps in a meditative Miksang walk?

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