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My first summer in ten years at this place and I am taking full advantage of the cherry harvest. Good thing I checked the tree yesterday – I disturbed a good number of birds who were feasting on the bright red sour cherry bounty!

It took very little time to pick a big bucket full, pit them and then I was itching to make something delicious. We have since enjoyed a lovely dessert of Sour Cherry Crumble and this morning we tried the Sour Cherry Scones. Since I already packed most of my cook books I dug into my memory and googled a few recipe (but they always have way too much sugar!!!). I am happy to report, the baking went well and neither of the treats were overpowered by sugar. The tartness of these prairie cherries was definitely showcased in an explosion of flavour. Since I do not want to abandon my commitment to not posting recipes you have to head on over to my Lake House Chronicle site and check out last night’s post if you want to bake the goodies I did..

There is nothing new on the house front. The sale is still pending, but with only a week left to the closing date we agreed on, and no action on the buyer’s house we are now getting ready for new showings in August. Colin has invested a lot of energy and time in the yard and it is looking great. Since we have little lawn to take care of the rest of the easy to maintain property is looking good considering we have a fire ban and the hills across are turning brown earlier than usual this year.

I am still committed to staying creative. I am engaging in writing, mostly poetry and meditative reflections. But Miksang really has become me daily contemplative art practice. I experienced a couple of weeks early this month when I wasn’t sure if I could stay engaged in observing my surroundings with the lush green everywhere. But all is well! Every day I venture out on my walks I am fully engaged in observing the subtle natural changes that take place overnight. Here is a little sample of images made two days ago.

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Hope your summer is going well.

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4 thoughts on “Summer…

  1. Wonderful read. Yes, looking forward to the evening presentation on Miksang photography and everything else AQC.


  2. JudithKH on said:

    What a delectable sour cherry harvest and cherry creations you have photographed so well Anna. That you are actually being able to enjoy your summer surroundings at home this year seems to affirm your choice to be there. I am looking forward to seeing more of your Miksang photos of fine flowering details the rest of us miss most of the time or don’t take time to observe and capture photographically. Thank you for sharing them.


    • Thanks for weighing in, Judith! We did enjoy the special treats from the garden, the first harvest here ever! There will be an evening presentation on Miksang photography at Art Quilt Campus this year… something to look forward to.


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