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Trying Hard…

Sept. 4th

…to stay calm and centred and breathe… (but scenery like one above always helps to calm me down). It appears that over the past several weeks many people’s personal lives have been fraught with obstacles and unexpected events making it difficult to move forward with best laid plans. This has spilled over into my (I thought) well planned and organized annual Art Quilt Campus event.

I have spent most of last week and the entire weekend trying to deal with more cancellations and changes and am now focusing on packing and getting things into the car for transport to Muenster. I will be glad to get there this coming Sunday, unpack and giving out welcome hugs to everyone.

In a way I feel this year’s developments on my personal, minuscule scale is a reflection of the bigger picture and what is going on in the world. Uproar and uncertainty is all around us, therefore I am so grateful for the opportunity o gather like minded, kind and creative people around me for a couple of weeks. I know we nurture each other and support new ideas to move into the future.

I have had several emails and phone calls with the one question: “Will Inspiration Kantha arrive in time for Art Quilt Campus?” The simple answer is “YES”. As of this morning I can confirm that Inspiration Kantha will arrive in Moose Jaw this Thursday, just in time to pack and take to Muenster with me.

It has been quite the sage: I ordered three boxes to fill various orders for autographed copies. Books were shipped two weeks ago…. and due to unexplained details FedEx returned them to the shipper without notifying me when they arrived at the Canada/USA border. I discovered this last Thursday (a full week after they were shipped) and after several phone calls to the publisher was assured that the books would be resent via FedEx 2 day service. Friday the notification arrived that the books had left the publisher’s warehouse; this morning FedEx tells me that they will be in my possession on Thursday. Somehow the math just does not work out… but I will stop worrying and breathe easy for now as the books actually cleared through customs and are in Canada. That is a whole lot better than the situation last Thursday.

Hope your week goes well and life begins to settle down a bit for everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Trying Hard…

  1. Marilyn Clulow on said:

    I am so very sorry that I will be missing AQC, words cannot express my disappointment. I too am trying to deep breathe the chaos through the chaos of my life and accept that all is in divine order and it will all work out in the end, it is just that the end is not here yet, But sometimes it is hard not to be sad at all that I am missing . I wish you Anna and the participants a lovely week of love and togetherness and creativity. I will be there in spirit. With much affection, Marilyn


  2. No worries, Judith. It will all work out in the end – it always does. I just had to let off some steam today and now I am breathing much easier. Looking forward to seeing you in less than 2 weeks. Safe travels.


  3. Judith KH on said:

    So sorry to hear things have been tumultuous in your preps for AQC 2017. Keep hanging in there Anna. You are speaking truth in your conclusion that it is reflective of chaotic challenges in many other people’s lives and the world at large these days. I think you can take comfort in knowing we, who are lucky enough to be gathering together with you at AQC 2017, are all looking forward to retreating and diverting our ‘selves’ and our spirits into creative activity with you a St.Peter’s Abbey – a particularly apt place don’t you think?
    Thank you for all that you are doing to prepare for us despite the bumps.

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    • Marilyn, you will be greatly missed. I have sent you a little package with the hope that it will bring a welcome surprise from the daily routine you are experiencing right now. And yes, we must trust in the divine order and that there is a reason for everything…


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