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An Unexpected Celebration…

…although it has little to do with Canada turning 150 (ok, maybe there is a little connection…)! In March and May this year I posted a call for entry to support World Quilt in New England and to represent Canada.

Canadian long-arm quilter Debbie Macleod had accepted the responsibility for a second year to gather submissions, forward images for jurying to Mancuso Show Management for consideration, and then receive the quilts, pack them with great care and send them off to the Mancuso office in Pennsylvania. (Her job is only half done. She will receive the quilts, repack them and return them to their makers in early 2018 when they complete the US show circuit!)

We are always puzzled by how little interest exists among quilters in Canada to put their work out there and possibly pick up some prize money along the way. I have had the honour and privilege of judging World Quilt in 2014 and 2015. At that time I was dismayed at the low number of entries from Canada. Did you know that 10 collective entries provide an opportunity to be eligible for the Best of Country prize?

This year Mancuso added additional support to entrants with a specially designed banner for those of us who made the final cut in the jury process:

Purging, packing, organizing my studio, and a general lack of focus had me neglect my part in sharing that I was juried into the competition.

Today I am humbled and grateful to wake up to an email from Debbie Macleod congratulating me. Wabi Sabi Modern was selected as Canada’s Best Entry.


Wabi Sabi Modern (53″h x 40″w, full view and detail above) was created during the spring and early summer of 2016 as a contemplative exercise in cloth. You may have read about my trials and tribulations regarding straightening the rather distorted quilt. I was so tempted to just walk away at the time. But, with perseverance, determination and careful blocking resulting in a close relationship with this creation, I have grown very fond of this modern quilt.


Part of the contemplative process is to explore, observe ideas and let them go or lean into the challenge when it gets difficult. I am so glad I finished this quilt. I am honoured to have been awarded Best of Country at World Quilt New England 2017, the year Canada celebrates its 150th Birthday.

Thank you, Debbie MacLeod for your encouragement to enter and accepting the organizational responsibilities on behalf of Canadian Quilters.

In closing, I have this valuable lesson to share: Don’t give up! Finish what you start and don’t use distractions to throw you off your path. And, if that is not enough encouragement, I entered this quilt into a notable national show from which it was rejected. Had it been accepted I would not have been able to enter the quilt into World Quilt.

How does the saying go? When one door closes another will open! Opportunties are all around us and all we need is recognize these chances and act accordingly. Start deleting the rejection letters, tear them to shreds and burn them as collecting them will hamper your progress! Turn around and find another cometition or show to enter!

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42 thoughts on “An Unexpected Celebration…

  1. paulajolly on said:

    Thank You Girls for a wonderful AQC. Best one for me yet😊


  2. Elana Schreiber on said:

    I was lucky enough to see your quilt in Manchester, NH at the Mancuso show on Friday. It is wonderful.


  3. terryaskeartquilts on said:

    Congrats, Anna! It’s a great art quilt.

    Regarding your comment “We are always puzzled by how little interest exists among quilters in Canada to put their work out there and possibly pick up some prize money along the way.” Somehow I missed that Debbie was doing this for Canada entries. But now that I know, I will definitely watch for the call for entry next year.


    • Thanks for your note, Terry!
      This was Debbie’s second year ad I always posted notices on my blog for it. Do keep your eyes open for the announcements, usually in March of each year.


  4. cindiplant on said:

    Way to go Anna! And I am so glad I got to see this wonderful piece in person last June in Toronto! Very inspiring to be sure. See you tomorrow at AQC….so excited again.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Janet Mireault on said:

    Congratulations Anna. You are such an inspiration! The quilt is amazing. I love the shadowing and the movement to it. I took a class with you several years ago and still get inspired from what you taught!


    • Janet, thank you so much for the note!The shadowing is all in the fabric enhanced by the matchstick quilting. So glad I am still able to inspire even after so many years! Stay in touch! Love to hear what you are up to!


  6. Vivian on said:

    Hi Anna
    Your skill has developed so much since we sat side by side at LaConnor taking Velda’s workshop. I am so proud of you. Congratulations!
    I think the Country Fairs have encouraged Americans to enter their quilts in shows. We are at the beginning of judged and juried shows here.


    • Thanks for your note, Vivian. The Velda Newman class was in September 2013 – so very long ago and evokes fond memories. I had just graduated from the City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting course (and was not an accomplished quilter at all)… For me life is all about evolving and building skills through continuous learning.
      As to jusdged quilt shows – the US has a good number more than Canada. Mancuso Show Management is an organization I can highly recommend. The way they honour each quilt from receiving to returning it to the maker is stellar. And best of all – they aorganize shows all over your vast country.


  7. Judith KH on said:

    How splendid Anna! Warm congratulations on this lovely achievement – a fascinating design undoubtedly meticulously finished. Your words ‘never give up’ have never been more true it seems, but now you deserve a chance to rest on your laurels for a bit!


  8. carolegoldquilts on said:

    Congratulations! Glad you grabbed another opportunity to enter instead of being discouraged and giving up. Thanks for sharing the message to persist.


    • Thanks, Carole. I can honestly say that “giving up” is not found in my creative vocabulary. City & Guilds training teaches you to work through the possibilities, and after 8 years and three diplomas in various disciplines with that type of thinking it becomes firmly engrained in your brain and muscle memory. Sometimes I feel it is a curse… 😉


  9. quiltrod on said:

    Anna, that is wonderful! You deserve that recognition so much. I remember this piece and thought it was amazing, guess I wasn’t the only one!!! Still planning to bring out the piece but will check with you before I do so.


  10. paige04 on said:

    That is one of my favorite pieces. Well done, Anna. I hope you have a great time at AQC.


  11. Maria oswald on said:

    I can see why you won Anna! It’s fantastic! Congratulations!


  12. Kathy Logan de Chavez on said:

    A well-deserved honour! What a wonderful piece!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Kristi on said:

    Hats off to you Anna! A great quilt and a well deserved honour. See you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Alison on said:

    Congratulations Anna!! What another feather in your cap!! I am super proud of you, I know what a hard year you had in 2016, it is another feat to be able to submit during those tough times… such an inspiration, as per always. hugs always xxx Alison

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Marilyn Clulow on said:

    Congratulations Anna. Well deserved. I saw this quilt at CQA last year and thought it was amazing, a lot of work.i was worried there for a while that you were withdrawing from quilting. Hope this makes the sparks fly again.


    • Marilyn, thanks for your note! Once a creative – always a creative. That is something we cannot stop or ignore – I have always been someone who does not narrow creative pursuits down. In two days I am marking 20 years on the embroidery and quilting scene, after a previous ten years as a spinner, knitter and dyer. Working with cloth will be always be something I pursue but there is so much more that needs to be explored… I know you understand!


  16. Roberta Pabst on said:

    Love, love, love this quilt. Well deserved honor for it and for you. I’m looking forward to seeing it in person at Pacific International Quilt Festival this October. Just wish you were going to be here teaching again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Roberta, I wish I could return to PIQF. It is my favourite quilt festival of all times! Mancuso determines who teaches when and where…. and I have not had an invitation to teach in a while. But there are many teachers out there, and it is only fair to give other’s a chance. However, with the new Kantha book I might come back in the not too distant future… the request from an attendee never hurts (hint, hint 😉 )


  17. Linda J Burton on said:

    How gratifying, Anna! Yes, the ‘one-door-closes,-another-door-opens’ idea rings true for me, too.

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  18. 46eileen on said:

    Congratulations, Anna. It is a very well deserved award. See you in Muenster.

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  19. paulajolly on said:

    My Congrats to Anna! Well done, see you at AQC


  20. Helene on said:

    Congratulations Anna! That is absolutely wonderful! I love this quilt so much!


  21. Pat Hoyer on said:



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